Mounted Encumbrance

Let me start out by saying that I LOVE that this is something to even begin discussing; mounts! Never thought that it would make it into this game but really love that it is. Now from my testing at TwitchCon I had a really immediate concern that I just wanted to put out there both for RP and PvP issues that it would bring to the table.

The current build of mount treats them as essentially some cross between a thrall and a tamed pet, so they can be given the saddle and armor (along with a weapon slot? I imagine we’ll get explained closer to release date) but they also can hold some items in I believe about 5 slots max. My issue is with that in mind there is no weight limit system to make the horse encumbered which means that if I’m over encumbered and am not buffed to perk that allows me to run, all I have to do is hop a horse and be solid… Which is not very balanced to have a get out of jail free high point perk stat essentially.

I’d really like to see weight get addressed for horses whether it acts off a player’s encumbrance stat or if the horses have their own weight limit that grows higher with leveling. Even just making them walk if the horse/player is encumbered would balance this out enough to not be abused.


As long as the special trait carries over I’ll be happy :slight_smile: (The 50 point, can still run when encumbered trait).

But having said that, I do see your point about not bypassing it altogether - not having the special trait, and being encumbered should carry over to the horse if the weight is over the horses limits.


There’s an argument both ways in that maybe it should use your own perk points or whether it should be considered independent and therefore have its own weight system to be more separate from the player. Truthfully I’d be happy either way, but I think balance wise I lean more toward wanting it to be its own unique system/thing with however it’s implemented. It makes the decision of “do I just run using my weight perk or do I take the horse which has longer endurance but cannot carry as much?” a bit more of a situational tactical decision for both game and from a story standpoint.

I’m openly more looking at this from an RP perspective since I’m on the team of an RP server, but there’s also a large PvP angle to consider and I’d love to hear more thoughts on for that use situation. They’re not releasing this until December from what I’d heard so there’s a good amount of time to try and find where the sweet spot is to keep it from becoming the must have go to in any situation.

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Then what is the general point of a pet as a riding one if it will not be possible to run on it with overload? Will it be possible to bring along an ordinary slave / animal And a sled? If not, then everything is in order that I can gallop from the mine with ore with an overload of 400-500%. And if I can take a pack rhino and a horse, then yes, I agree that the horse due to my weight should slow down so that a special pet carries my loot

Right, I think it only makes sense to give the mount a separate encumbrance stat that is affected by the carry weight of the rider, and like Barbiedoll said, the 50 point feat that unlocks if you hammer them into encumbrance would apply and limit the affect on the horse/mount.

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Agreed, I’m definitely hoping this system is worked out prior to release otherwise it’s just too easy to drop a pocket pony and escape situations.

As a player that always has 50 encumberance. I think it makes complete sense for player to be able to move faster on a horse (while heavy with gear) than without the horse.

As in, of course a horse should make travel easier while over-encumbered. That’s really one of the purposes of beasts of burden, literally. To carry stuff we can’t normally carry.

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Well, i didnt play it, but does it works the same as any thrall? Can we put a thrall to follow us if we are mounted? By the way, thralls and pets already work this way, only slots, no emcumberance.

That’s fine to want the horse to be able to carry more than a normal person, however I do not think it should exactly be a 50 encumbrance perk where they have infinite carrying weight. At that point what’s the reason for anyone even putting points into that stat when they can just have a horse and never step foot on solid ground ever again. I think there is a balance of allowing them a high carry weight capacity, but not infinite, otherwise it eliminates any need for any encumbrance build.

The horse does have the ability to follow you, however I believe you can still ride it without it being on follow as you’re riding so you can have another pet/thrall following while you are mounted. I understand how the pet and thrall system work but the reason this cannot work for horses is because you ride them but you cannot ride a thrall or pet. Because you ride them it doesn’t matter how many carry slots the horse has since it’s your inventory not theirs. This is an inbalance that will create problems of people rolling 0 encumbrance then carrying lets say max inventory slots worth of items then just placing down a horse and riding away with no speed limitations that they would normally have.

Now i understand, i think they need to make a system to prevent this then.

I had the fear we coudn’t be able to ride a horse while having a thrall follow us, it would make mounts useless when going to dangerous places if we have to choose betwen a horse or a high equiped thrall to go with us.


Yeah I believe that is still something that is able to be done, it’s just specifically the weight I see as a balance issue for game play.

even if they dont change im willing to mod a change to force it to accept the encumbrance and just do adjust … or if the player is at 200% and tries to mount the the horse … then the horse takes damage and move slower until its is killed … um Atlas has it really good … they made the mount to have a weight limit and added the player weight to its current weight load.

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My preference is always hoping the base game will do it right rather than having to mod it in, but it’s possible if it doesn’t get handled that could be an alternative. Atlas and ARK do have a great concept for pet/mounted encumbrance that I agree would work well in this situation.

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Just want to keep this discussion active for getting different perspectives and feedback :slight_smile:

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