Hotfix 2.1.2 - Armor description/attributes/icon bug / Oil costs in Alchemist tables

All armors are spawned in with the admin panel.
Right now just a list for broken Description/ Icons or attribute points, this list DOES NOT include insane armor values for other armors like champion etc.
According to their description and what they actually give:

Description: Strength Bonus
Actually gives: +3 str, +3 agility, +2 survival
Item ID’s:95315, 95317, 95316, 95318, 95319

Black Pirateer
Description: Grit Bonus
Actually gives: Agility +2, accuracy +2, grit +3
Item ID’s: 95135, 95137, 95136, 95138, 95139

Description: Str Bonus
Actually gives: str, vit, grit
Item ID’s: 95195, 95196, 95197, 95198, 95199

Wild Druid
Description: Survival
Actually gives: +2 vit, +2 encumb, +survival
Item ID’s: 95015,95016, 95017, 95018, 95019

Description: Vitality, Agility Encumberance
Actually gives: +1 Agility, +5 vitality, +1 accuracy, +1 grit, +1 encumberance, +1 survival
Item ID’s: 95435, 95436, 95437, 95438, 95439

Dune Hunter
Description: Accuracy
Actually gives: +3 vit, +2 agility, +3 accuracy
Item ID’s: 95495, 95496, 95499, 95497, 95498

How to solve: Rather to adjust their description, or their attributes.

Other visible Armor BUG:
Marksman BASIC Version, NOT Epic
Hands, Legs and Shoes have the purple epic frame around it.
Item ID’S: 95452, 95453, 95454

Other bugs:
New Alchemist Table recipe Oil 12005:
All Benches have same costs for it, while tar or spices have different costs.


I don’t think this is a bug. There is no cost reduction on this recipe because the base recipe is 1 / 1. Nothing to reduce further.

It should be increased like the other recipes as tar or spices - depending on bench. The benches been made for different costs, so it should affect this oil recipe as well in my eyes.

Considering that the way of getting ichor and oil has been nerfed and that you require a T4 alchemist for this recipe to even appear I think the recipe is fine as it is.


Could increase the bark in it, since that got a lot increased too :stuck_out_tongue:
T1 alchemist table: 3 bark, 1 ichor
T2 improved alchy table: 2 bark, 1 ichor
T3 precision: 1 bark, 1 ichor
T3 traders: 3 bark, 1 ichor

Iirc we are getting 5 oil per craft, soo… a bit effort would not be too bad.

But thats funcoms choice at all :slight_smile:

I’m happy too that we are getting this recipe back.

It requires plenty of effort to aquire a T4 alchemist on Siptah, especially when contested. I know people are used to walk in a cave at noob river and walk out with a full set of T4 crafters but those of us playing on Siptah have plenty of stuff to grind for already. So your suggestion is a hard pass for me.

Not to mention that in one thread you complain how grindy obtaining oil is and in the next you propose to nerf the T4 recipe for the people who don’t have a T3 precision bench:


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