Hoverboard sprint has vanished

The basic hoverboard sprint that my characters have had for years suddenly vanished recently.

In TSW or in SWL?

Which of the eight hoverboards do you consider the “basic” one?

Doomboard (transferred from TSW)
Flynn’s Gambit (achievement)
Hover-Tech Classic (purchased)
Hover-Tech Discs (transferred from TSW)
Hover-Tech Hot Rod (purchased)
Hover-Tech Stealthboard (purchased)
Orochi Hover-Tech Snowboard (Winter event login reward)
Rocket-Powered Hoversled (Winter Cache)

Did you maybe accidentally uncheck the “owned” box? That would hide all of the sprints you have unlocked.


Got it figured out, thanks. It was the Orochi Hover-Tech Snowboard. It was basic to me since I had it for so long but couldn’t remember the name. It was hidden, I’ll call off the dogs. facepalm

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