How about game traps?

We have fish traps, but how about adding some hunters traps for small game like rabbits?

Maybe go as far as catching them alive and place them in the cages that we can craft perhaps even breed them to slaughter later for food.

Have to feed them plant fiber or other plant based feed to keep them alive.

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wanna like it still can’t :smiley: <- Maybe I can… but sure got an error message that I have to wait 3 hours. Funcom WHY can’t I like this post instantly? :smiley:

But agreed. bear traps to us with 1m arms… :smiley: Riddick style… :smiley:
breading is another topic discussed. but heck yeah that too… :smiley: The more options the better.

hi im relatively new to the game, but i started my solo game with several mods off steam as they sounded fun.

there are actually small rabbit rock fall traps in a mod, and when you harvest some animals (ostrich and antelope and more), there is a chance to get a small animal (or crocodile egg), and then you can build a small building (like an animal pen)

i know its not vanilla, but just in case you didnt see it, it seems to work fine as a mod so far :slight_smile:
i think its part of LT’s Farming mod, but seems to show up as this:

Fun fact, there are recipes for a couple jaw traps, they just aren’t implemented in the actual game.

I came across them in the devkit and was in the process of adding them to my server mod when I found out the traps themselves aren’t there, just the recipes. So I have no idea if they were something Funcom was going to add but ultimately abandoned for whatever reason, or are planning to add in the future, or what. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

cool thats interesting, maybe it will be coming in a future patch