How can I trigger the "Explore the Unnamed City" journey?

Hi! I am trying to trigger my “Explore the Unnamed City” journey, and can’t seem to do it. I’ve been all over the city, discovered the seven exploration points inside (including the purple Unnamed City point), and feel like I’m doing something wrong. Stomping over the red sand does nada. I saw something online about removing the bracelet, and I tried that, and nada. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips for what I should try?


If you have the purple marker, then you got the journey

I do have the purple marker, yep! The problem is I have a list of journey steps in my upper right window, and Explore the Unnamed City is listed there as still pending, and my J screen still shows the journey as incomplete.


same, got the purple marker so I think its broken or I messed up :laughing:

Store your stuff then die, sometimes dying resets journey.

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