How do i appeal a ban on steam forums

Im trying to post a screen shot of the game but i cant on steam it says i am banned , there is no forums on steam any more however , how do i appeal this ban ? who do i contact ?

why does this effect screenshots ? its doesnt make sense , and i cant get any answers from any one on steam because they say to contact funcom

You got banned. Someone probably reported you for land claim or a laggy base or any other number of reasons. I don’t believe I’ve heard of a appeal being reversed.


Vague rules, enforced only on reporting, which a number of players use as a play tactic.


its so dumb i just wana post a screen shot , i dont give a dam about the forums or anything else. and also if some one reported me , all they have to do is come check out my base and investigate.

Can you still play the game?
I never heard of a ban to screen shots alone

Zendesk is what you’re looking for to see if and why you’re baned


yes i can still play the game , also my steam account has never had a ban or violation for games. apparently if you get banned from the forums you cant post a screen shot , here is the kicker , there is no steam forum for conan exiles , so i have no idea who to complain to about this.