How do I continue a game on a different computer?

I’ve reached level 60 using my home computer. But now I’m travelling and have downloaded Conan Exiles onto my laptop. But when I start up the game, I can’t “continue” my old game with my level 60 character. Instead, it seems the game is starting over.

Steam seems to have my playing information, like number of hours played and achievements made. Is there a way I can access my previous game and contnue it instead of starting over? If not, if I start a new game on my laptop am I going to lose my character and progress on my home computer when I return to it next week?

I apologize that I am not tech savvy, and thank you in advance for your advice.

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Your progress is saved locally and different for each map you play.

You’ll need to go to your Conan Exiles folder in Steam’s Common folder and then transfer your map file from your home computer to your laptop to the same location there. Any progress you make that you wish to keep you’ll want to transfer the map file back over.

For Exiled Lands this is game.db
For Isle of Siptah that is DLC_Siptah.db
For custom maps, you’ll need to ask the mod author.

If you start a new game on your laptop, and don’t do any transferring, it will not affect the progress of your home computer’s saves.

Unfortunately I can’t exactly give you exact folder locations since install locations for steam differ from person to person.

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We are talking about a single player save here, right?
Because if online, it should be enough, to log in with the same account onto the same game server. For this, you can’t “continue” your save, you have to start the game, and manually re-select the server your char is on.

as stated above , if you’re playing on singleplayer then the files are saved localy and you should transfer the “saved” file in the conan exiles section of the steam files ( steam > steamapps > common > conan Exiles > ConanSandbox > saved ) from your pc to your laptop , and once finished playing on the laptop back from it to the pc .
if you’re playing on an online server ,then you should only find the name of the server you started playing on , and log in to the same server ( as long as you use the same steam account , you should be good )

cheers :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

I am playing single player. Not sure which server I’m on. I just started the game up, so I’m guessing I’m on one of the official servers.

Thanks for the replies!

Or not on any server at all?

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The Single Player game is on your PC only.

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Others have already described where to find the file and what to do, but I thought it may be handy to be able to see this, the location of the “Saved” folder where your saved game (“game.db”) is stored in Single Player mode. Especially if this is all a bit of a mystery to you. :slight_smile:

NOTE: if your Steam app was installed to the default path, it won’t be in “C:\Games\Steam” like mine, it will be in “C:\Program Files\Steam.…” or “C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam.…” etc

It’s a bewildering looking folder full of other files that look important, but the only one you really need to worry about for your Exiled Lands Single Player saved game is “game.db” - just copy that one file and paste it into the equivalent “Saved” folder on your laptop.

The only other thing to mention is mods: if you had them on your original saved game, you will need to add them on your laptop then play it to ensure they’re all loaded and active in Single Player, exit the game, THEN paste the “game.db” file as per above. If you start playing that saved game without already activating mods, it will screw with stuff. If that happens, it’s ok, just means you need to paste the clean “game.db” file to your laptop “Saved” folder again to fix it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, this was very helpful for an old luddite like me!


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