How do I request this?

I love conan movies but dont’ get me wrong this is a game I play regularly and I am now starting to get sick of seeing the very same loading screen cinematic over , and over, and over, and overrrrr… What options are there? What can be done. I do not want to see this any longer. No offense to those that made it but…it’s getting annoying now.

You could suggest something on the suggestions subforum :slight_smile:

Press ESC and start your game…

There should be a little loading indicator at the lower left of your screen. Once you don’t see that anymore, you can just click your mouse to skip the movie.

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If this is on PC, and you have a ton of mods, you can’t skip the cutscenes as the mods are busy loading. You can disable them in other ways though so all you get is a black screen everytime while the mods load. Otherwise, on PC, just hit escape.

Go to: \Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config
open "DefaultGame.ini and set:


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