Make it so we do not have to watch the movie trailer every time we log in

it is so annoying to have to watch it play out each time we log in. please make it so we can cancel it out and just go into the actual game.

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What platform are you playing on? On PC I’m able to click my mouse buttons to bypass both it and the other videos (e.g. Unreal 4, etc).


Yup, works for me too.

If you cannot skip the cut scenes and are on PC, it is likely due to the fact you have a lot of mods that have to load up with the game. Though that isn’t the only reason, that is often the culprit.

Still, if you prefer silence while loading, IE a blackscreen, you can do so also on PC.


  1. In \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config, backup your DefaultGame.ini

  2. Open DefaultGame.ini

  3. Find, under [/Script/MoviePlayer.MoviePlayerSettings], the following:


  1. Change to:


  1. Click save, and run the game

Final note, this means you will load in with a black screen with no sound. You will still likely have the same loading times as usual, especially if your culprit is mod related. The major difference is you won’t have to hear or watch the movie sounds. You may also have to edit this file every patch. Once again, be sure to backup your ini just in case you need to revert.


Exactly @Multigun - I always look at the startup screens a great time to grab a cuppa fave drink :slight_smile:

It’s enough to make it


without blanking out movie titles.

it used to let me bypass it. we have over 22 mods on the server i play on. so it must be why it does that. no big deal i don’t have my headset on anyhow. do not use it most of the time in game either. too many annoying sound effects. like the clanking hammers.

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