Please give us an option to skip opening movie clip

After playing for well over a year, almost 2, I really would like to be able to disable the opening video and load straight into the game. It is annoying as hell to have to watch and listen to this over and over and over. Please, let us have the ability to skip the video. It is a good video, dont get me wrong. But having played as long as we have, it sure would be nice to be able to just get in the game without it.

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The option does exist, it just isn’t straightforward.

Find DefaultGame.ini in your Conan directory, then find the [/Script/MoviePlayer.MoviePlayerSettings] section and edit it to have this:


Note that after major patches, you may need to edit this section again as it will reset, but minor hotfixes won’t touch it.

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Or, you know, press spacebar. :neutral_face:

Also I think they mentioned that the new launcher will have an option to just continue right into the game, so there’s that as well. Though all that really does is skip the main menu step. You’ll still have loading time for the client, which takes place during the opening movie, plus the usual loading time getting connected to the server and into the game itself.

Except that doesn’t work, I am unable to skip the opening cutscene as well, and then have to wait roughly another 20-ish seconds after it ends to actually get into the main menu. My guess is that it’s due to the game loading mods in.

Correct, in particular very large mods (and a lot of them). You can disable it as Tephra suggested already, but instead of a movie, you’ll be staring at a black screen for a while.

You can space bar or click past it only on official servers.

Not so for private servers. (tho there is one that you could)

2 years ago, it was cool. Being forced to watch it several times a day has made it unbearable

As they’re just fillers while the game and mods load, I just moved the respective media files to an ‘archive’ folder… Updates and checking the game integrity puts them back so rinse and repeat.

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