How do I set up private server on windows?

All the search results are two years out of date. How do I set one up now?

What ports do I need to forward as well?

I want it to show up in the listings as well.

Also I want nudity.

Im not 100% sure. I rent a server, Im not sure there is another way of doing it. Also, nudity is in server settings

Hey there,

First, I’ll send you a link to a place that’ll be useful if you have any questions.

Now, you are able to rent a server from G-portal (which also hosts the Official servers) or another host (I don’t have a list but they can be easily searched). Which you prefer depends on the plan, prices and support (the latter you’ll find out eventually)

Once you’ve gotten a server, the Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.5.1 / Beta: 1.5.6) is really helpful to have. You may ask any questions about this to Toolguy in the linked thread.

If you take the launcher, this’ll be easy. It’ll take a default, unless you decide to set it otherwise.

It should show up, but I think there’s a tickbox somewhere.

Once you’re set up and ready to go, nudity, like many other things, can be adjusted in the server settings:

Note that there’s client/server differences in what you see/what others see. (This is noted down on Conan Exiles - Official Conan Exiles Wiki)

Lastly, from there, the Server Configuration page contains some helpful links. Don’t forget to check the see also’s.

if you need some one to walk you all the to the end to put up a server my name is wild bill and i will help you just see me win im on and ill talk you thro it

If you actually do have some experience with it, I should send you the link I sent JoeyCom, so you can help others too :wink:

what link do are you talking about for the manager or old school by bat file??

I’ve sent you the link now too :slight_smile: it’s off-topic for the thread itself.