How do you fight the sacred hunt mammoth?

I find the mammoth to be the most frustrating fight of the sacred hunt event. Since he is a mammoth, you have to attack the legs. But he constant spins like he’s on a top. I’m not talking about the legit attack where he stomps his feet and then does a 360. That is only so often and it is telegraphed so you can avoid it. I’ve been having a thrall tank for me but he still spins like a top.

Also, his side swipe with the tusks seems to magically reach behind him every so often. I’m thinking the hit box is slightly too large.

Plus, I’ve noticed several times where getting hit with the swipe will cause my character to stand at attention unable to move for a second which can cause a second unpreventable hit.

IIRC this is similar to the legendary elephant in the Savanah which I have avoided forever now because of how annoying the mechanics are.

I’m not saying the fight should be easy but the movements should be naturally animated with some telegraph so that after many fights you can learn to adapt.

Anyone got an approach that prevents the spinning or makes these mechanics less infuriating?


Easiest way? Grab a bow and stand on a large rock. Keep shooting till he falls.


Kite it between the rocks close to the spawn.

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It needs to be moved. Funcom know themselves that collision detection, hit boxes and large enemies trying to traverse slopes and stairs is not their forte. Rhinos, elephants and dragons have been borked since the games release and funcom have still yet to get their finger on the pulse of how to code this aspect properly. Just stop funcom and put it on flat level ground.


Mammoth location is fine. Learn to be aware of your surroundings and use the terrain to your advantage.


I used the exact method that erjoh mentioned to kill it.

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…hmmm how about lightning? Never tried if lightning damage is amplified with the warpaint.

Anyone try it?


And how would you like it when a Mammoth climbs onto indestructible bones and has to be picked out by climbing on them? And he will stomp from above.
I think not a single tester was harmed in testing this Hunt. They just weren’t there.

Easiest way? Use a beefy thrall and give them a momentum, gruel, and warpaint.


I just discovered I can give my thralls the warpaint. Not sure why I didn’t think of this before. This significantly sped things up.


I agree, Mammoth is the toughest of them all for me too.
The fastest way for me was to use a Necromancer build (corruption to empower my Thrall) and let Dalinsia do the hunting. At level 14 and with a good 1H mace it usually takes her less than 30 seconds to hunt most Champions.

Good hunting!


I use well-trained with Anja the Dervish (over 7k hp). No corruption. She does just fine in every battle. Only issue is when she stops fighting and needs to be smacked around to start again… though that’s funcom’s fault, not Anja’s.

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I also recently moved to well trained for this. I usually use war party and it seems that makes him spin more.

Regarding the need to smack the thrall around, do you make your thrall sit or put them in a slot when not in use? I just learned from this other thread about a work around for that issue: Thralls don’t obey aggressive setting

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I am happy you find your way to defeat Mammoth easier m8.
I am happy this time the mammoth on exile lands barely going through stones and stack in them. My first mammoth fight was really awkward and desync. This time it was way better. In both maps the greatest issue is the battle location i believe. If the Mammoth starts the “train” attack it covers huge distance. So it will probably go to an uneven terrain making the battle frustrating. Note however that if you try to fight the mammoth alone your fighting experience will be way different, the battle is very fluid, i won’t say easy not to have misunderstandings here.

I don’t believe that thralls are faster than players, i tried it and they simply aren’t. The reason is simple, thralls are dummies, they hit like dummies and don’t dodge. They accept all the hits of mammoth, they stagger and mostly do bull… than being fast in battle.

Thralls make this fight accessible for everyone and they are a really safe option especially on laggy servers. This i accept!

Mammoth has only 4 moves, 4! And they are all visible from it’s legs, mammoth legs “betray” the next attack. When you fight alone you can lure the mob to the terrain you want to fight it. So fighting alone means two things that no thrall will give you this pleasure Fast and Fluid battle!


Oh and don’t forget to use the other monsters. There is a golem that I know can get into aggro distance and I believe you can kite the beast to the 2 trolls.

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I’ve had my thrall stripped and wearing warpaint as well :man_shrugging: why not two of us get the job done way quicker.

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Because then I can’t multitask. :neutral_face:

I’m just at a stage where I want it over lol. I really want the regalia and the werewolf pet. I’m at 960 odd fangs. The other two fights are fine. This guy rotates on every attack and than rotates again to re-centre on the player after every attack making him a very spinny boi, couple that with the fact it goes tearing off in every direction trying to stamp out your dreams and gets stuck in the rocks or sloped terrain leaving his ass 12 feet off the ground :joy: it’s just janky and given that the red mother has never ever dealt with her stair issues I’m unsure why they would put this fight here at all. Better location with less stuff for the poor big guy to derp out on would change the fights dynamics rather largely I reckon.

It spins more with more people in the fight. Meaning you AND your thrall are making it worse than just your thrall.

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Yeah I know but bottom line I’ve been killing it much faster with 2 of us.

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