How do you get Thick Hide to make Thick Leather?

I just learned the recipe for the Light Hykanian Bow, and it requires Thick Leather to make. I can’t seem to harvest it and I have an Iron Skinning Knife. I kill a crocodile and harvest it and get Reptile Hide, which according to the Tanner Table counts as a thicker hide. How can I get the thick hide at all? I have also killed hyenas and get hyena hide, same thing with the tanner table. When I put the Reptile Hide in the Tannery, it dries to normal leather, just 2 for the cost of one hide. I need help

Elephants, King Elk’s and Giants are three adversaries that you can get thick hide from when using a skinning knife to harvest their corpses.

Thanks! I just started the game and tried to look at a video about how to get it, but the video say a crocodile could give it and it wasn’t for me.

They don’t indeed but the wiki list which animals do. I am pretty sure rhinos give thick hide too even though I don’t see them listed in the wiki article (only the black rhino is mentioned).

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the easiest source of thick hide is to kill gorillas in the jungle.


indeed they do,
thick hide can be processed from elephant hide and rhino hide

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Rhinos are a good source . With a rhino mount and pole arm they are not much trouble.

Sepermeru chests, the best at start :slight_smile:


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