How to make Thick leather?

Does anyone know how to make thick leather ?
I can make leather on my tanning stand, but I do not know how to create thick leather.

You need thick hide that can obtained from a variety of animals such as elk, king elk, bears, elephants, mammoths, gorillas, rhino, dragons, silverback gorillas. (Out of all of these I find elk, king elk and gorillas easiest to kill)

Ah OK thanks.

You can have a look here too for further details:

Didn’t you use to be able to make thick leather from two regular ones - or was it only ever the other way around? Of course back then crocodiles would give thick hide, so it was extremely easy to come by compared to now, and sometimes actually useful to split it. Might still be if your main base is in the North or something, I guess.

Gorillas are probably the easiest to kill, but they also only give small amounts of thick hide.

It is the other way around, but there are some mods offering that mechanic.

Yes gorillas are about the easiest to farm think leather.

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I do not quite understand what you say, and I started the game (solo) for only a few days, so I have everything to learn.

For thick leather, I need it to make something, I do not know, I’ll come back to the game to find out. lol

I have not yet met an animal or any creature that loot thick leather or thick skin (transformable, I guess, in thick leather).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Build a Tannery (Official Wiki).
Then put some of these Resources in it:

Put also some Bark in it and hit the Play Button

OK thanks.

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