Where to find some special items?

Hey guys, anyone knows where to find filling for medium chest and leather to create my first armour? I can’t notice any area or place where I can find or extract those items. :frowning:

You create leather by putting hide and bark into a tannery.
I am not sure what you mean by “filling” but I guess you mean chest padding? You create that at the armor crafting bench as well just like the armor you want to create.



Thank you. Yes, chest padding. :slight_smile:

Great. I will try.

So, sorry. What do you mean by “hide”?

and this:

Plus a lot of animal pelt variants - check this page for details:

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When you kill an animal, hit the carcass with your axe,
You will then see “hide” is one of the things you get from doing this. the icon looks like an animal skin.

Later in the game you will be able to craft a skinning knife to get more Hide, and a cleaver to get more meat.


Great guys. Thanks a lot.

I got hide, but not bark. Strange.

use your pick on a tree, to get bark.

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Using a pick (or pickaxe) on a normal tree will give you bark though at the beginning it’s a very low amount. The easiest way to get bark is using a pick on a “dead tree”, they look very pale (almost white), have no leaves and are mostly present in desert areas (like the ones up the terrace near the crocodile world boss oasis)

Fantastic. Already got some. Thanks, guys!

Hey guys, it’s me again, disturbing you. Sorry. :frowning:
How to fabricate hardenned leather, please?

Hardened leather is used only for epic armors, which you can’t craft before level 60. It can be crafted at the improved armorer’s bench, using leather, thick leather, alchemical base and oil.

Hum, understood. Thank you.

I would like you to know how much it brightens my day to see questions from new players trying the game out. Thank you for the reminder of what starting out on this adventure is like!


This game is wonderful. I am loving it.


Can we have more than 1 bed, in order to have more than 1 place to respawn?

you can have max 2 spawn points at any time: one bed and one bedroll. if you had one bedroll and you place another bedroll, the old one will be deleted

And you can have more than one bed, but only one can be used as a spawn point at a time. Tapping ‘E’ (if you use a PC, not sure about consoles) while pointing the cursor at a bed puts your spawn point there. Your ‘old’ bed will not be deleted, it is just not used as a spawn point anymore, unless you make it one again.

Thank you guys. I am trying to figure it out how to manage my expeditions to distant points of the map, leaving behind my house with all my tables for creations, furnaces, bed, etc.

How do you manage that?

What exactly is your question?

Normally I run to where I want to be, explore and/or gather stuff and run back. Unless there is an obelisk in the vicinity…

Do you return no matter the distance you covered? I.e., the normal way of to play is to do expeditions always returning back to our home, regardless the distance covered in expeditions?

Sorry, this is one of my first survivals.