How does one report a player for filing a false report? Plus looking for more players on PvE conflict offical server

Someone is saying we broke the rules on PvE Conflict and we didn’t. We didn’t wall them off to where they can’t get out. They have stairs and they aren’t blocked. We set up a wall to attack them from outside their base and made it so they can’t just come to get us. They are just sore and now reporting us with screenshots that don’t show the whole story.

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Welcome to the world of sore losers lol

Lol :joy: homie here is buthurt cus him & his clan arent good at playing the game. Is a game. Grow up. If you dont like to be killed, why bother playing on pve-c? :joy::joy: just go to pve. Simple as that. And we making false reports. Lololol you do realize what you and your clan members did and posted on your sign. If not i got you, ill provide a screenshot to do you the favor for anybody that might want to check it out. :joy::joy: all you have to do is get better at the game. Simple as that. If not like i stated previously go to pve. Acting like the victims only cus you got killed. Lolol anywho, bye feliciaaa. :v:t5:


If its a false report nothing will happen. I suppose if people continue to make false reports they could get in trouble as you need to provide your info with the report.

But yeah that giant wall will probably get you wiped. If your building to specifically mess with people you are playing with fire

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They just mad that we killed them. So they decided to built that big wall in front of our base like they own the map(server). :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Just to stop us from getting to them… we literally attack anybody that is not on our clan(which should be normal for a pve-c server) soo how is that false reporting. Lol we are on pve-c for a reason cus we like to pvp but also not lose our base.


Welcome to the forum.

You can request information through zendesk .

You should also familiarize yourself with the official servers terms of conduct.

From what I can see it looks like you may be in breach of multiple ToCs.

Good Luck!


Seems like they are starting to investigate the people doing the reporting now to deal with false claims. We might see some report abusers getting themselves wiped. Just perfect.