How does suspension work?

I apparently got suspended on wrong terms… Its apparently okay to be bullied with offensive language and harassed, and then be reported for it… But anyway…

I get this error when connecting.

Access Denied:
Your Access to official servers have been suspended. you will have access again on 2023-07-04
Its tecnically been 1 day now. Does anyone know how this work? I havent been able to connect. tried last time now on 2023-07-05.

Does anyone know how this work? do I have to wait extra days?
Thanks in advance

Both suspensions being enforced and suspensions being lifted require a server restart before taking effect.

If you are suspended at noon on day 0 for 7 days, the suspension will not take effect until the next server restart, which will be the morning of day 1. Then your suspension technically ends at noon on day 7, but again, you have to wait for the next server restart, so the morning of day 8.

Alright, I will check again in the morning.

thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

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