How does the Playfield Access window work?


Last time I played, I had all the books and gazillions of vet tokens to buy them all every new character, but on the new server getting around is slower (for obvious reasons).

I’d never bothered with the teleport window thing, but was trying to figure out how it works.

Yesterday (as of this post) I was able to use the Access Passes tab to port around - now it doesn’t work. It says I need Achiever (1500) - which is fine I am almost at 1500 achievement points.

But why did it work for one day though? I thought maybe to do with coins, but its always showed 0.

Also, what is the Premium Teleports tab? How is it different?

I tried googling and searching but it just leads to articles about it, but not how they function, or what the different tabs do.

Can someone explain what each tab does exactly?


Premium teleport requires teleport coins to use.

Access Passes get unlocked with achievement points. 1000 points for teleport to hub cities and 1500 for outdoor playfields.