How Likely am i to get to 220?

So The main reason i stopped playing Anarchy Online is because of er…well, it’s complicated. But, the main reason i would say is because of the utter lack of hope of my Character reaching 220. I doesn’t matter which one, i had basically all of them to lvl 200. That part was sort of easy, especially the engi.

Anyway my main question is basically this, how easy/likely would it be for me to get a character to 220? I mean i have done hecklers, but only at sub 200, and by the time i was ready for level 201, the game died out, and i was basically left alone. My Org was gone, I never even had a full suit of Tier armor.

I played mainly a NT, which i know what you’re thinking, well there’s your problem, play something else. Well i did play something else, and still no one wanted to team up to help me get the keys for any of the different areas in Shadow Lands, so i was basiaclly left with a bunch of level 200 characters. But heres the thing, seemingly my whole life now, it has ALWAYS bugged me that i have never EVER seen a Shadow Level at all. This MMO was my first, i hated the fact that i had to let it go.

Now that i found out a few years ago that it’s actually still around, perplexed me first, then got me to thinking maybe someone out there may be interested in helping me see level 220. I have demonstrated that i can’t do it alone, and it’s been over a Decade since i last played. Yes, what i am asking for is to be carried, i know seems weird, but it’s the truth.

How I got my fixer to 220 w/o doing ANY inferno missions OR Pandemonium access. Daily non pvp missions from the Agency and Tower Tagging only from the bar and AI solo missions from the Agency.

Is it slow…yep. Took me about 2 years or so :smiley: (and I still haven’t gone to Pande w/ my fixer yet. I do have my first 220, a soldier, who got there by being in an active org…11 years ago org is dead now :cry:)

Armor-- a mix of Newcomer’s, OFAB, & Miy’s.

Shadow land keys-- first Garden one (Nascence) is easy (no combat at all, just tagging npc’s) – I usually grab it at level 15…have done it as early as level 8. (as a neut I grab both) each is good for a level. The Elysium keys are also easy but I do them around 30-40.

Sanctuary Keys are a bit harder since combat is involved but since there’s no level restriction you can always go back to do one.

So, getting to 220 solo is doable just SLOW.

I doubt there are anybody that wants to do your leveling for you.

My best advice, join an active org. Do daily missions and try to enjoy your time, it will make things go faster ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Reaching 220 today isnt all that bad, since the new inferno missions was added it’s a lot easier to find groups for levling as well.

There are plenty of solo content to do as well daily, RK Daily mission, RK Elite Mission, BS Mission, DOJA Chip, SL Elite daily.

And if you haven’t done all of the SL questlines you can also use those to speed up your leveling quite a bit. If you’re able to get to 210 and if you havent done the Scheol questlines, Penumbra questline and Inferno questlines then it should be a breeze to get to 220 :slight_smile:

Join an org, like someone said before.

getting 220 is super simple now days with all the daily quests.

If you are clan, hit up that Athen Paladins thread. AP is a wonderful place for newer or learning players. We have many older players who have patience to teach and help.

Hi Jorias, give us an update on how you’ve been getting on!