How long before you get reply from a GM?

I killed Arbanus last week on my conq, but quest didn’t update. Sent a petition but still no reply. So how long do I have to w8?

And why don’t you work on getting better support instead of releasing crappy grinding content?

Between 1 week to 3 months is the normal wait time, much depending on how many others have petitions running, mine is still unanswered after about 1 month.

Support does not give fast money like the new cash grab they released.

As far as I remember GMs never credited past boss kills. I am pretty sure they said they can or will not check if the character was present at the kill. Raids can be repeated every week, so there never actually was a point in doing that anyway.
As for Arbanus, you need to target him prior to the kill for the quest to update, same as Hathor-Ka. Also, just to be sure, you killed him in a real raid, not in raidfinder?


That was also my first thought :grin:

I killed him in normal raid and targeted him before.

I have a petition in, as of now only about a week. I do know it probably will take longer. I am prepared to wait, as it is not an immediate issue, but one I would like to have an answer on at some reasonable point.

My question is- If I update the petition, will that reset it in the queue making it take longer or will it have no effect on wait time?

I think it works that when you make the petition it gets a spot in the queue, when updating it you will not lose the spot only add information to it.


Update: petition answered, and solution is great. I’d say just under a week.