How long for fix this crashing?

It’s already been a week since I reported the cause of the continuous server crashes (breaking the chains or the abyssal horse going wild) and there hasn’t been a single sign yet to understand when this CRAP will be fixed.
Let’s go back to giving a damn, FUNCOM? Servers crash 40 bloody times an hour as people keep abusing this muck for their crappy flying bases or to avoid being raided.
Does it still take that much?
What does it take to turn off the ability to summon an abyssal horse? A 2mb patch!!! Damn, FUNCOM. You are sleeping again. Shall we be like pork? 1 year to remove it?

At least give us a CONCRETE answer and not the usual useless vague answers!


I’ll second this!! It is GETTING EXTREMELY OLD. Actually, it’s well past that point. Look, I get it, Funcom: we aren’t paying subscription fees. But you know, a lot of us drop money on this game all the same, and it’s not much to ask for servers that don’t crash multiple times A DAY.


Something NEEDS to be done, I agree. It has become almost daily now for my server 1942. Funcom, please get on this ASAP or at least give us some info

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Im sitting here in the middle of a war on 2808 as the clan we are raiding are sitting in tjeir base crashing the server for the 5th time. I havnt spent a dime on battlw pass nor bazaar and that will continue to be the case until proper game maintanence ia a priority.
Disable golems, disable abyssal horse.

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@Mayra have you seen this post?

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Don’t think so, they dont care!

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This is a true true

Norway is currently on their big July shutdown, whereby most of the nation is on holiday. As such it is highly probable that there is only a skeleton crew maning the offices at Funcom. If I were to speculate, I would say probably sometime in August.


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