How long is this freezing issue gonna take?

Good morning Funcom,

i rent a server for a game i can’t play. What about this ??

now 2 days no game play with my buddies.

How long is this issue of freezing gonna take ?

Because if this gonna take a long time , i want a refund on my G portal Server.

It was so nice to play this game before the patch. ( some other bugs , but playable )

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Not only a refund on my G-Portal account but also on the game.
For the whole game more then €100,- and you can`t play it “with other words” i throw my money down the drain.
Well done Funcome you know how to satisfy your Customers.


I agree, I pay for an online server that I can’t use. I’m in with 3 other people & I’m the only one lagging. Getting fed up with wasting time & money!

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same boat!! i really really hope something happens soon. my buddy doesnt really play atm amd ive been grinding alone, his seems to work fine and mine just jumps and freezes every second. im not getting this 5minute grace period that people keep mentioning either. i just wanna play conan :sob:


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