How long of a wait

Hello, love the game . many months ago i was looting a dead body ( npc) i would click d button ( my interact button ) i would open the loot bag, loot and click d again too close it and move on to the next victim…
now. i have to move my hand and click the esc button too close anything?
not a first world problem i know, but it was never like this before. and i find it annoying if your on the move or being hit by baddies to click that button.
how long do we have to wait for this little LITTLE fix ?

click interact button to interact = makes sense.
click interact button to interact but then click ESC button to close does not.

thank you
oh and p.s
when will you give us potted trees or different plants? xox

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little fix. XD

I waited 3months for r2 and l2 to stop punching and kicking during building. XD
Anyway semi-joke aside…

There isn’t a cancel button outside escape key on PC? (don’t pc game like I use to…)

I’ve asked for Static/Player planted tree for my home 3 times now, and community is worred they’ll be used as “spam” for FPS hits like people do with torches…

We may never get tree for middle of yard. =/

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This means what?

Its a tactic used by PC players with high end gaming computers. Basiclly they place an insane amount of an item their processors can easily handle. However if someone running a low grade processor and RAM then the excess items causes them to lag to a near pause or crash entirely.

The Interact button still closes the Loot interface as long as there’s at least one item remaining in the Loot inventory. It’s annoying that it won’t work if you’re in the practice of looting everything you come across, though. I usually just quickly open and close Inventory if I loot all, so I need to move my hand less (my custom Interact button is the Del key because I play with the arrow keys instead of WASD).

I really hope this gets sorted out soon. There are so many areas of the game where needless excessive key presses are required that it’s RSI hell at times.

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In my defense, I’m left-handed (using the mouse with my left hand), so my right, keyboard-using, hand rests naturally on the arrow keys.

Of course, people in medieval times believed that left-handed people were in league with the devil, so I’m afraid the pyre is the right course of action anyway.


Ah another lefty-gamer huh? Personally, I find that the arrow keys don’t give me enough options to hit other commands, so I’d always used Numpad 8456 with my thumb able to hit Num0 and the arrow keys. Absolutely loved using my MS Natural 4000 until I started encountering more and more games that didn’t let me rebind my keys as well as UT99 did 20 years ago. (Who says technological progress always moves forward?)

Since MS seems to be steadfastly ignoring calls to make a mechanical, programmable MS Natural, I decided to give an Ergodox a try instead:

My Conan Keybinds:

While typing with it is perhaps a bridge-too-far for me, since the USB connection is on the right-hand side, I simply disconnected the left-hand section and now have one of the best gaming keypads money can buy. :smiley: My only regret is that the palm rest is a separate piece whereas on the MS Naturals it is affixed to the keyboard and can actually support weight. If Ergodox could do the same, it would be nearly perfect.

Still holding out hope for a mechanical, programmable MS Natural someday though…

I use arrow keys to…lol

BUT, My keyboard had them in really smart position, And wasn’t off like wasd is. Plus most of games I played used number keys as hotkeys. So I could play one handed. XD

Thou Lotro I kept on using arrow keys, and using mouse to click skills. (which had 3-4 rows of them, lol)

I can use the right shift, right alt and right Ctrl with my thumb, Del, End and Page Down with my forefinger and numpad 0 and 1 with my little finger. If a game requires more keys than that, it’s too hard for me anyway.

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Oh I completely understand that, I’ve been known to give a hard NOPE to games before if they’ve got more than about 15 or 20 binds. Just too frustrating to rebind them all! :laughing:

Is it possible to play Conan Exiles with a gamepad on PC ?

Edited to precise I mean CE not any random PC game. Because I know it’s possible to use a gamepad on a PC. I’ve a wireless xbox one for my PC.

For some games it is, thought it depends on the title whether it puts you at a disadvantage or not. Competitive shooters, for example, you might as well just hang a big bullseye on your chest, whereas for fighting games, a controller is pretty much essential. I’m pretty sure Conan Exiles supports a controller on PC (mostly because I have vague recollections of messing with it thinking I might be able to enjoy it from the sofa), but I seem to recall thinking it felt ungainly and abandoned the idea. YMMV

yes, controler work for conan exiles, i used it sometime in order to get clean mooving shoot for videos, definetly more precise than a mouse & keyboard (in term of speed and angle control)

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