How the hell do I hunt stronger enemies?


I tried to play this game taking it easy in solo play, but I found a skeleton inside a spider cavern in the desert. Ok, shot arrows and stabbed it with a sword to do like 5% dmg. I went further and even used a cheat to summon a strong weapon to check how sturdy he was and I dealt like 10% dmg at best, how the hell people hunt boss monsters if a normal creature is this strong in terms of defense? Do people just spend almost an hour attacking and rolling?

If you’re doing bad damage to a creature it’s either you need a better weapon or it’s against a boss which has a ton of HP and will take time to kill. Bleeds are particularly effective against high hp mobs (ie from daggers, or final strike of spear heavy combo).

What level are you? You dont usually have problems killing mobs at 60 with level 60 weapons - although they do require dodging etc as they can be nasty. Mobs like skeletons can no longer be staggered, same with rocknoses so you need to sort of hit once or twice, dodge repeat.

I guess I will just try to go with bleed

Put points into strength to add damage to your attacks as well.

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Or yeah this - forgot to mention Strength. If you havent put much into this you’ll definitely be under damaging.

You shouldnt need to just rely on bleed though. As i level, early on i like to use a greatsword - start with Iron, then steel, then hardened steel etc. I move to spear later on as i pvp and greatswords suck for pvp, but the greatsword has nice reach and damage and will help you dispatch practically antyhing.

Skeletons also are not vulnerable to bleed damage and can not be stun-locked.
For a tough skeleton it is probably best to get a named fighter with a high health pool … such as Captain from Sepermeru, Dalisna Snowhunter or a Cimmerian berserker. And let them face-tank it whilst you do a mix of melee hits in close then retreating to heal whilst shooting from a distance.
You could also set up a raised area close to him and put some archers on it and then kite him into their range… even jump up there yourself and take him down with arrows.

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Having a good fighter thrall in some decent gear with you is probably your best bet. They take a while to bring down if you’re doing it all by yourself.

If you play solo (not online) then you just can go Admin and fine-tune game settings - make your damage more and their damage less. You play on PC then you can use mods lowering boss HP for solo-play. I always nerf mobs because I like building more than fighting. And after all you can build an Animal Pen and get a Greater Hyena - they are easy to get even on low levels but they are strong enough to help you.


Dued to game mechanics, the weapon you wield it’s only a part of the equation.

The other is your streght, if you have low strenght or a poor weapon = you’ll deal very few dmg.

Each things usually are strictly related to your level: higher you are more points you can spend in attributes, at level 60 you can open boss chests, probably you’ll have explored all of the map, you’ll have a t4 blacksmith and a t4 armorer etc. etc. = you’ll have best* equip.

Equip + attributes + skill = power, but in this game patience is the way, so in the long run you’ll obtain all of this things.

This speach just to say: when I was 35 lvl the skeleton you’re talking about defeated me 4 times before I desisted, now at lvl 60 after 9 months of play, farming etc. I usually kill a tons of them while raiding Unnamed city in solo and they die in 3-4 hits of my weapon… so yes, if you want to fight too hard monsters for your level prepare yourself for a 1 hour fight, or just do something else and come back to fight them when you’ll be stronger :wink:

*best for your style, I don’t think there is only one build to be strong in this game.

Arrows are not going to do much dependant on your level. Arrows require accuracy high specced in order to be anywhere decent.

The bow really is a level 60 or end game spec. I can pretty much 1 shot spiders or most lower end middle map stuff. But I am level 60 and specced for the bow. I have a level 60 bow, and even with bone arrows I can murder most content.

If you are going melee I would suggest at least 20 - 30 points in strength for the beginning. I would not put anything in accuracy until end game. Use Set arrows to offset the dismal damage.

Pike = Great starting weapon against monsters becauee of the range. Upgrade the pike according to level of course. The trident rocks to be honest and looks cool. We need an end game version.

Bow = Only use for pulling in the beginning or Set arrows for a DOT.

Daggers = Great for the Bleed DoTs

Axe = Great weapon. Has a minor AoE on the Heavy. Mix with a throwing axe and become a blender. Overall will bleed and versatile.

Shield = Not a fan. But is good with the Axe.

Sword (one handed) = Not a fan. It has a gap closer which is good. But I am not feeling it.

Javelin = So here is the thing. It has some of the most unbuffed singe target damage at low levels and even high level. Dont throw the thing but pair it with a shield. It outdamages a lot of earlier weapons. Animation is annoying but good overall for DPS output.

Two handed sword = AoE for days. Good for multiple enemies. Great for spiders in groups. Cuz spiders do like to group.

Katana = I hate this thing. Its a clunker. It work ls well with a bow set up. Idealy you use the bow to cripple. Slow down the enemy and ping them. Once the enemy is in respectable range switch to the Katana and charge the heavy. Once they are close attack. Otherwise I can’t say this will help you.

Mace = Slow and clunky. Don’t much bother. Axe is superior. The exception is that the mace got a range increase as well as more armor pen.

Hammer = To slow but if you are good at combo canceling (which I am when I am Sober) you can Wreck Life with this beast.

Overall in the beginning the Pike and the Javelin do very good damage with range needed. Two hander or axe for AoE.

And “Make a Friend” Dafari will work. Get a level 3. Look at the weapon they come with and give them something similar.

They are quite valuable.

Or get a pet of some kind.

You will become the spider slayer you were meant to be.

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Get a strong thrall

spend the time to get a named fighter thrall. Equip them with the highest weapon you can at your level. Throw heavy armor on them as well. it will take 3 or 4 minutes on the relic hunter bosses at worst, maybe 15 mintues on a boss. Plus you will level as you go. So the higher you get in levels, the quicker it becomes, along with FoP and legendary drops, you will be a boss killer in no time.

Plenty of good advices here OP can follow to survive and get stronger.

Shield is still a choice, but good to test. Test bit all in the beginning, and see what fits best you playstyle, and what you enjoy the most.

And yes, pikes and spears are a must, and wiil hold at distance lot of oponents. The trident is a must on the way, that’s a fact. :wink:

Pets can be very helpfull. The pens are way big, so this may be the problem depending if you play pve or pve to hide and protect it. But pets are easy to get, and if you get a greater one, for example a hyena, you have a good helper at your side. And hyenas can be found bit everywhere in the desert on the northern side of the river.

Duel wield the throwing ax with a sword or other one handed weapon

I use mods to offset solo play. (I play with my gf, so 2 of us). I started again with AoC and just reached lv40 and got to the 3rd tier for strength. I use a shield + axe + heavy armor. For bosses I will generally take a few disposable pets and let them loose.

Also snake arrows are great for using before the pet dies. Then shield + axe. If its a legendary boss I will make a large trap (gate surrounded by foundations). Then use gas/tar/explosives whatever, and then a ton of snake arrows.

On my first run through I used a mod to lower high HP bosses down to a reasonable level. Mod I was using died, so I remade one for people to use. But as mentioned, you can also adjust the server settings.

Once you get to lv60 with epic armor and legendary weapons, it all becomes easy.

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