Fix the does please

they have waaaay too much hp, they run waaay to fast after hitting them and then the regen health 100% if you lose sight of them for even a second. how do you expect us to kill then skin them with limit stamina?

The “does”? Sorry, can you clarify? Just want to make sure I fully understand which NPC/enemy you’re referring to.

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did i spell that wrong, the female deer that run when you hit them, they are spotts white and brown

In early game I just stun-lock them with stone daggers. Two heavy combos and let them run away. They bleed out within seconds. In later game I take them down with a single spear combo.

It’s so strange that daggers are far superior to bow and arrow when hunting.

well i use an axe or jav, they just seem pretty tough for prey is all specially since we need their hide

Just carry some daggers and they’ll be super easy for you.
I’m sure some other weapons would work too, I just use daggers so they’ll die even if they run away.

Bleed is very effective.

Ohhhhh the deer! Sorry about that, yes a “doe” is correct. :slight_smile: My fault.

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