How to add Steam purchased content to your AOC account (does not do it automatically)

New to the forums so I can’t post screenshots or links so I’ll describe things and do a workaround for links if needed.

If you play the game through Steam and have purchased or got gifted things like the expansion or lvl 800 boosts, don’t freak out if your game does not show that you have it. This has to do with Steam & funcom not talking properly with each other (the sites & programs not actual people at the respective companies). Once you claim the code on Steam, you’re like 75% done and honestly have the hard work done already. What your next step is will be to head over to the AOC website (account DOT ageofconan DOT com) and log into your account with your AOC information. This is where you will be adding the code from Steam into your AOC account so your AOC account sees the content you’ve purchased. The code from the Steam purchase is NOT the code you’ll be adding to your funcom account. In order to get the AOC code, start up your Steam launcher because you can’t do what’s needed from the website. It must be obtained from the Steam program on your computer. Go to the LIBRARY where your games are listed. You will then right click on AOC which brings up options you can do. Go down to the MANAGE option and then go over to where it says CD KEYS. This will open a popup window that shows your CD keys and lvl 80 boosts that have been purchased. THIS is what you’ll copy (all you need to do is left click where the key is at and it auto copies the code) and then under the AOC account page I said to go to earlier, you’ll put that code/key under the box for KEY REDEMPTION and then hit the REDEEM button. This will add your Steam purchases to your AOC account. Simply log into AOC and you’ll see your stuff waiting for you.

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