How to attract more players? RIDING SYSTEM?


I have to say that Conan Exiles is one of my favorite game, but now, the number of online players is declining or keeping steady at around 6000 pl. my friends told me they wanted a riding animal in the game and i think that is really attractive for players. I hope more people will join the game and keep playing,so pls reference this advice.


The devs have said multiple times mounts won’t work because the terrain won’t generate fast enough. The mounts and anything faster than the set speed will clip and probably even get stuck in the ground. They have said no for a good reason and not just because they aren’t listening. I would like to see mounts at some point too but there are a lot of other things they need to fix and work on before that. AI is a huge problem that I’d rather they spend time on before even considering the possibilities of mounts.


yeah, I’m sorry to hear that but i hope more people will join this game.


I’ve played the game for a year and it has gotten better over time. New features, content, and last but not least ; stability! Kudos to Funcom for investing in this game. I sure hope they focus their resources on making it even better, and not water it down by diverting resources to other ‘lame duck’ projects. Also, I’m afraid they’re holding back on Exiles success by withholding certain features in order to cash in on a rehash. Sorry to be blunt, but many counted on mounts, not map rooms. Heres a link to an article that mentioned them:


And has been talked about dozens of times since that article on why they had to cancel mounts. That article from March of 2017 is no longer relevant. The latest information you can find on a possible mount system is via Jen’s Firespark Youtube Interview.


Thanks, I’ll look into that. Excluding mounts because they’d be too fast sounds like an excuse to me… no disrespect intended. Characters can sprint over relatively short distances, so have the horses trot at that speed for a very long distance. Have them go faster at a later time with an update once texture loading/blurring is figured out. Also have speeds affected by slope so uphill slows them down. I’ll watch the video to get the full story.


Video goes over why they won’t just make “horses run at the same speed as players.” (and to be fair, you are probably only the 10,000th person to make that suggestion) None of this is new information, what Jens talked about in the video is just re-iterating the same stance and information they have been saying since February. The only major new development is that there is a small glimmer of hope for mounts someday, and Jens talks about his vision on how it would happen.

It’s worth watching the whole thing though, he goes into the background in-depth of what happened with mounts and the whole development stage they went through and the decisions leading up to their cancellation and what Jens see’s as a possible way to implement the mounts someday.


It is. The video shows that they do care about player input as well as what players’ PCs can do. They don’t want someone who just meets the requirements to be left out vs a hardcore gaming computer who can run all of this and more. They are trying to keep that balance in there for the players, which is commendable, because if they were in it just for money the minimum requirement for computers would have been ignored. And I say computer but even the consoles which are pretty much just a different kind of computer would be left in the dust. He says it a lot and I think he really means it finding balance for the game.


From what I hear in the video, they did tests with mounts and didn’t like the the results because of glitches on lower end pc’s and aesthetically they looked odd/didnt feel right. Plus they diverted much needed resources to general bug fixes. I havn’t found any clips of these run tests, but if they could post them i’d see for myself. An elephant running through the mountains or swimming would likely look ‘off’ but not horses I imagine. Afterall there are 10,000 others just like me that think mounts are a great idea to bring into the game. I’m looking forward to pets. It’s a great step in the right direction.


They didn’t feel or look right when lowering their speed to match that of a player Sprint speed.


If their animation was a full gallop but they were moving at people sprint speed then they no doubt would look bizarre. A trot might look better. I’d settle for a horse drawn cart players could ride on (as shown when Conan was looking for Thulsa dooms camp in the movie and saw that family on the road). Then I could rationally move tons of gear from one place to another. What they should really add until they figure out mounts, is to offer players 2 empty halves of coconut so their bearer Thralls could follow them around banging them together.


Love the reference! However I disagree I couldn’t care less for mounts at this point in time. They have other things that need work. AI, many balancing issues for resources to material produced, some weapons that they call legendary are a joke, ymir worshippers still have to work 3 times as hard. With the pets and feeding coming it’ll just mean more bugs. I would settle for a horse or donkey I can lead around to increase the amount of carry capacity. Adding mounts won’t solve any dwindling numbers for players to say that is kind of selfish. There is more about the faults of the game than mounts not being here putting players off. It sounds rude/mean but please stop requesting mounts till a larger number of more important things are solved. Wait till they have adjusted the way terrain generates at least.


Mounts is not the issue why people leave, a broken game is the issue why people left.
As long as they deliver “as advertized” then the playerbase will be back.
But right now no-one want to be raided out of raid time or playing a stuttering-fps dropping game.


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