How to build a base?

Oh. That’s what you mean. If it still works I expect it’ll be banned shortly.

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Possibly, I wish FC would have a long think about why players feel the need to build this way as opposed to just playing whack-a-mole with what players do.


There’s been so much discussion on the forums lately that there’s absolutely no way they’re NOT aware.


Every single PvP game that I have encountered screams out to me (imbalance paradox)

It is a paradox. You can never have a successful, working environment where the rules of the game aren’t broken by players trying to find the safest methods, entirely every single one of the exploits they can, in order to beat the other players who are trying to wipe them off the map.

This is the one single reason why I never have and never ever in all 25+ years gaming, will ever play in these PvP servers and you will also notice that games with this mode totally ruin EVERYTHING ELSE about the game.

The tales of (never ending, literally) updates and NERFS needed to stop the game breaking in PvP are legendary.

Every single game that has ever been made in this format is destined to break and ruin the rest of those games’ play modes, which is a shame.

They don’t work. Because players ALWAYS try to find the biggest, fastest, most damage, any exploit they possibly can, to beat the other guy.

Then bans and nerfs come in and the game is chopped and surgically mangled until it is dead. Millions of game-breaking bugs are created and heaps of mess for devs who simply can not and will never be able to handle it or fix it. It often explains why nothing is ever fixed in PvE for the game; Because the man power needed to be devoted to chase the never ending tail of PvP issues kills the project dead.


I haven’t tried this, but I think this has been removed for a while. I believe it was also a way to crash a server if you dismantled it a certain way. There was a YouTube showing how it did that. Not 100% l, but looks very similiar to that trick.

You had to have a Greater Thing on top of that structure, then weaken its legs. Then with the use of a thing you could strike it with one blow and cause server paroxysms. When I saw it I smiled – I Setted one of these (disguised in the structure) and it booted me off the server for maybe an hour. (It has taken a long time to forensically reconstruct what happened, or at least an explanation of what happened. Ah the old days)


Yup, I’ve said the same things in several different ways more than a few times in quite a few different threads now. Just hope FC is able to steer clear of the destruction wall they’re driving towards and maintain their vision and direction.

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