How to Crash an Official Server

And the issue may be the bargain basement Gportle servers.


Don’t ask them to fix this they will screw the game up even more.

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It’s easy to fix , they just need to remove the purge :laughing:

when there are 20 of us on the server the ping is often big . so the problem probably comes from gportal

@Tephra was exactly right. I removed about 20 thralls from the area and I’ve now run 4 purges without a server crash. The number of other players online at the time doesn’t seem to matter.
The lvl 8 purge was a doozy!


@Stoneface Out of interest, did you notice a big drop in the number of purge attackers once you removed about 20 thralls? Or did it seem like the same sort of numbers but no crash?

Honestly, it almost felt like there were more attackers but maybe that’s because I’m making it through the whole purge now. Certainly not a noticeable amount less imo.

@Xevyr is doing the right thing, he is a gamer and plays games like all the gamers globally do my friend.
If this game doesn’t interest him and another does, it’s absolutely healthy and correct.
Conan exiles has devs to fix the game and @Stoneface is doing correct to give his feedback here. They promised a war, but when players try to simulate one the game cannot handle it. There for…

This :point_up_2:.

I’m with him, and with the low contracted bandwidth

Last time you asked anything about purges was in March, I started playing diablo in May :stuck_out_tongue: (and sort of finished already cuz it’s boring btw)
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