How to extend max server level (60 > 70)?


Title question :yum:


Max server level as in character level?
Or as @Shadoza said the server population?

As in character level yes :wink:

Not possible on consoles (no modding). Level cap is and always will be 60.

No server setting for that, even in .ini files? (i rent it on gportal)

not htat i have come across. I am a server owner as well. Put it in suggestions though. I have been hitting them up with requests for a little more choices as server owner admin. Can’t hurt to start a thread there, and see if it gets traction.

BTW, as an admin you can get yourself to higher levels, but it doesn’t add feats ro att points. It is cosmetic only. On my server, we do it to show we are admins on player lists. Kind of a badge so to speak.

As far as server settings I can’t imagine you can.
Not without modding (only on the pc).
You can give yourself feat points in the admin console but you can’t raise the overall character level.

OK thanks.
Server is private pve just for me and 1 friend playing everyday, and one other playing occasionally, and it’s really a pain in the *ss having to reset engramms to be able to do some crafts…

YOU can eat the Fragments of Power to gain 10 feat points last i checked. They are permanent. On my server, even though we don’t need them as admins, we all ate about 100 of them and have all recipes unlocked.

Oh! I didn’t know that!
I’ll try as soon as i can,

(hoping they didn’t kill this feature…)

They didn’t. It is in officials as well to do this. Their a tablet of power or something like that, but i haven’t tried it to see how many feat points it gives.

Tried tablet of power, actually with T3 alchemist, it takes 3 power fragments to make one, and it gives 60 feat points.
Recepy for power tablet is in the archives in the unmamed city, take a fragment of power and a lot of chance, i used 10 power fragments to try unlock it, and i didn’t, my friend used one fragment and got it.

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