How to find out the IP address of the server?

I want to add new servers to but for this I need to know the IP address of the server. This is the question. How to find out the IP address of the server?

IP addresses are needed so that people can access the server through them
since I spend an hour every day to “catch” a good ping of the server, in order to access it otherwise it will not let me because the ping jumps from 90 to 897. And it’s not just me, my friends have the same thing and we have different Internet providers and different countries.

That´s where we find the IPs of servers we played on:


dear r4nd0mGamer this feature is not working since June updates. Steam does not find any official server

if there is some kind of third-party program that could show the IP addresses of the servers, please write to me in a personal

I was proposing this out of my memory, now I tested and it looks like you are right and the info presented there is outdated.

Sry, but I don´t have a clue :frowning:

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