How to find the flying base?

A clan appeared on the server, the base of which I cannot find (only claims in popular locations). I also heard that the flying base may not issue land claims.

Lots of hard work

What map? There are lots of hidden areas in both. Plus you are assuming they have a base…I have ran into a handful of players that are actually nomads that set up shop for the time they are on and then pick it all up before they log off.

I can assure you, that flying bases are still a thing in Conan.

Yes they are. I recently saw a video of some guys raiding a flying base. The thing was up above where the height limit is. I have no idea what glitch / hack they use to make the thing, but it was fun watching some guys raid it without using cheats. They got a ton of loot, and completely destroyed that cheating base. :slight_smile:


Ha! Too funny… I wanna see that vid… :slight_smile:

To answer the OPs question:

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You need to start to believe in what we are saying. Since we know how the game works.

What are you talking about. Of course I believed you… That’s why I wanted to see the vid. Paranoid much? :smiley:

And thanks… LOL - That was awesome! And still watching…

okay, sorry. Have fun watching :slight_smile:

Heh! OK, finished watching… LOL! That was a hoot!

And don’t say “sorry”… Just say: “you’re welcome”. Because… you know; Thank You!!! :slight_smile:

Too cool!

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This is what bugs me…they took out fence stacking in 2.8 but I didn’t see anything on this being fixed…gotta wait till next month

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