How to get acces to test live server

hi guys, how are u? first i want to know if the test server of AOC are live? and if someone can tell me how do i get the replicator tool for test live server, cause the link of the old forum is dead…

This important information has been lost to time, however lucky for you i am adept at locating such hidden artifacts and relics of times past. to play on test live you first need to go to your account page and log in.

They seem to have removed the link to copy your toon to test live so you will need to contact customer support to see if they can do it for you manually. there is no charge to do this. i recommend clicking the live chat button at the bottom for quick assistance.

To play on testlive you must first contact customer support to make sure they can get you moved over.

Then copy your entire aoc folder (copy and paste) to another separate folder on your computer. There must be two separate directories for age of conan. One for your game client and a new one for testlive. If you downloaded the game on steam it will be under /Steam/steamapps/common/

Once copied over you will want to go in to that directory and find a file called “LocalConfig.xml”

Replace that file with this file and then run the patcher (AgeofConan.exe)from that directory. this should update your test live client with the latest testlive server revision number and then you can play on testlive provided it isn’t shut down. Funcom has stated recently that it is still up and running so there is that.

Also to the Devs, Could you put the link back on the account page to copy char to testlive and maybe sticky this information? Also maybe add a testlive sub forum for feedback? Thanks.

Update, apparently Testlive APPEARS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC

I’m downloading the patch anyway to see if i can slink in

Also I thought the FOA program was done away with. Is FOA still a thing? If so how does one sign up?

UPDATE AGAIN: Testlive is still up and i am in. So it does work. You need to make a new character is all until you can copy an existing one over.

@Mussagana you might want to update that patcher login welcome page.

thank u i will try!

Use the lucky patcher application to fix this error. Also lucky patcher can also block ads you do not like.

Can the test-live server be used to try out some social items before you buy them on the real server?

I wish they would leave the testlive up but they closed it after Skull Gate and it’s been closed since
I would love for it to be back though :((