How to Get the Epic feat for Royal Armour Set?

As a Early Access buyer, I do have access to the basic Royal armour set. But I couldn’t find a way to craft the Epic version of it.

I checked the Admin Panel and the Wiki page, the Epic Royal set does exist. So I wonder, was a method of accessing it been implanted to the game or those were just some place holders and you just can’t access those in a normal playthrough?

I don’t have it but isn’t it like all the rest and in the improved armor bench selections?

Not in the improved armor bench. But thank you for the tip!

u need to have unlocked the exile epics feat in ur features… then u can do it in the top tier benches (not tried in improved armourer but should work) pay attention cause crafter affects the armour stats


After having unlocked Exile Epics you need to craft the royal armor in a T3 armorer bench, it cannot be done in the improved armorer bench for some reason :slight_smile:

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That might be a bug, I think.

Yes it may be a bug, but it has been this way since the T3 benches were released in update 2.1(october 2020), so I guess it is pretty low on their list :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! I only have improved tier bench atm.

They’ve actually been pretty good about bugs that are actually reported properly as bugs or even in the Testlive threads. I know I mentioned that the large campfire for cooking had clipping issues with ceiling and foundation tiles and suddenly it was fixed in a patch or 2.

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