How to grind AA fast?

Hello. Im a returning player, didnt play for couple of years so i created a new char. I dont have good aas and mostly play solo. I have ALL xpacks, so which are the best and fastest ways to grind aa points?
I dont mean buying them in cash shop, no. Ingame methods.
For example i do rf many times a day but that are too boring and uneffective. Any suggestions?

6men dungeons from khitai, unchained, dragon spine and ardashir fort will reward you with more aa exp than rf.

i mean solo. I rarely see any 6 man exep chaos or kk run for whose i dont have perks.
Something like refugee of the apostate like?

Do as many Faction quests as you can daily and use the MoA’s to but AA Exp urns. You use the MoA to buy relics , then the relics to buy the AA EXP,

Solo dungeons, khitai quests, pvp minis with the quests.

Make sure to run the store pot and claim pots you might have.

T1-t2 pug raids are on par with RF so they’re still worth doing if you see them.

You’re missing out by not grouping or at least joining a guild.

i have weird playtime, so when i play all offline. Also i dont know which guild runs hms and etc

But if you play in solo you dont need any AA so there is no hurry. Quests, solo dungeons, factions. All this give you enough AA

really stupid excuse for low aa gain in this game