How to import/convert single player game to dedicated server?

Trying to move a single player game save to a dedicated server.

Found these suggestions in various places online, neither worked:

  1. After creating the server, copy the single player game.db file to the server’s Saved folder. I could login to the server, but it was still a new game start.

  2. After creating the server, copy the entire single player Saved folder in place of the server’s. That buggered the server - I suspect it had to do with the config files.

What is the proper way to move the single player game to the dedicated server?

All you need is that database so the normal scenario would be number 1 on your list and that should work just fine… The only reason it would ask you to create a new character is if your account ID doesn’t match or you set the server to play on a different map using a different database name

Wow - thank you for the response. There are 3 of your mods installed.

Perhaps I should have been more clear about what I meant by “new game”. I am building the server for another person. It was fully expected that when I connected for checking a character would have to be created. However, everything was wiped from the game save - buildings, pets, thralls, everything gone. Only map in the game is the exiled lands, no DLC or mod maps.

I have since had the person try to connect to the server after again copying in the single player game.db. Unfortunately, after the progress bar on the load screen fills after connecting, the game stays on that screen until it gets a connection time out (multiple attempts). The connection is the same one we used for our game. We ended our game (shut down the server) months ago so I used the same ports for this server as had been used before. To set up the server, I used the Dedicated Server Launcher by Toolguy: had to update the DSL to 1.7.2 as the one used before no longer works as Funcom changed the name of the executable.

Oh I see, yea that’s not normal behavior.
The save databases are fully compatible between single player / server so they can be moved without issues or any data loss normally.

Is there a chance that decay is turned on in the server settings and it’s actually getting instantly wiped on first use or something along those lines?

Make sure that building abandonment and thrall decay are both disabled in the server configuration and then try copying the database again, see if that helps.

Other than that, if you want to also preserve the actual server configuration, then you can copy that file as well.
From the single player installation: ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ServerSettings.ini copy the file to the server’s ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\ folder

Thank you! Up and going. Changed settings in ini file.

Your reliable meteor showers was not seen as it was added shortly before we shutdown. My former partner is going to add that. Thank you for both your help and fine QoL mods.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Speaking of mods, not sure which ones you have, but if you’re playing with a friend then I can also recommend proximity party as I find it really useful in similar situations. I made it cuz before that it was really easy to miss if one of us was getting attacked or about to die.

We used minimap, inventory compactor and bench stats. Those are being used in the single player game as well.

We are not playing together. Just looked the description - perhaps very useful, will recommend she try it. She is using the 100 followers mod, I think she has about a half dozen. She lost some of them a day or two ago due to an interruption while fighting the Queen spider - used Anydesk to bridge the 300+ mile gap and recover using a backup (she is a bit computer illiterate and finds folder navigation and file naming a little intimidating).

In our team game, I did most of the fighting for drops and thralls and she did most of the building; bosses as team first fight. Although the game’s advertising and pictures show building a large city, in practice doing so bogs the game down. Using the resource monitor on all three machines it appears the problem is that most all work on the client is done in a single core. The server and GPUs were not heavily loaded, nor was the network: speed was 500mbp but speedtest showed it was 540down/325up most of the time! ISP recently upgraded it to 600 at no charge. Just checked - now 640/328 so now change in upload

The server has an advantage for single player in that crafting stations and pet growth occur even when not playing. Her work takes massive amounts of stone and wood, and lots of foods for pets in the zoo. Although the building work will probably eventually kill the game, she really enjoys it. There are several excellent mods that provide a variety of building options.

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