How To Initiate A Specific Purge?

I wanna test the new thrall system against a difficult purge in SP Admin. The Wiki says:


But that doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone?

Id like to know too

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Yep… I bet someone knows. :slight_smile:

I set this up to test thralls in a purge:

Now I just need to figure our how to initiate the specific purge I want.

Ignore the evil spiders… they were added to kill everyone fast in case of a lame easy purge. When I figure out how to start a specific kind I’ll remove all those quickly before it starts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is you Purge meter full?

P.S. AFAIK there are no Vanir purges on Siptah.

You have an Overview of all the Purge Types here:

And if you follow the links, there will be an example of the admin command to start them.

But I did not get it to work either.

I tried to fill my Purge meter with “FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter” too, but nothing.

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