How to knockdown elite thralls?

Normally, I go to Wild Surge spawn location, give steel truncheon to my T3 fighter, wait a bit and he/she just go and knockdown all thralls for me, especially other tough T3 fighters which hits pretty hard. This time I decided to go and summon a normal Surge, it was my first experience with summoning Surges. I went to West Leyshrine and summoned T1 Surge where I faced Relic Hunter Elites. I concluded that they are much better then my T3 fighter from Wild Surge and wanted to grab one or two. But I was unpleasantly surprised, that my T3 fighter can’t knockdown any of elites, the “will bar” (or how to call that white bar going down when you beat thralls with truncheon) is not going down at all, even a millimeter. Then I decided to do it myself, but got the same result. So I feel desperate, I spent resources and time and couldn’t get any of elites.
Is it bug or how to knockdown these strong guys? I noticed an altar and lever nearby, I guess I can knock them down by that mechanism if spend enough decaying eldarium there, but is it really truncheon doesn’t work or I misunderstood something?

The way I understand this is that those “elites” are mini-bosses, much like the named Relic Hunters in the Unnamed City. They can’t be knocked out. Furthermore, adding Eldarium to the center knock-out mechanism and pulling the lever only affects NPCs that can be knocked out.

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Mini-bosses is that who has one skull under the HP bar? No they don’t have any skulls…

So either lower tier mini-bosses don’t all have single/triple skulls or this is a v2.1 bug. Hopefully someone with more experience can help and verify summoning surges is working.

You mean they can’t be knocked out and captured?

Yes you cant knock them out
They’re the annoying clutter like wolfs, werewolfs and sheeps that no one is looking for while they summon a surge for thralls.

Ah, damn, I already was ready to obtain new strong fighter :smiley: I watched YouTube a bit, how guys plays and do stuff, I noticed there are many new thralls in Summoned Surges with different names, like elite, veteran, named, aesir, etc. And now I already don’t know who is who and which can be captured. Is there any information somewhere about all this types?

Hey there , yes there are multiple videos on youtube that shows you all the information , here is a link to one of them !

Also to summarize quickly , yes you cannot knock out the elite fighters
( normally they should have a single skull in their health bar , and if not it’s a bug that they don’t also watch out because in the wave 3 and 5 you can have a 3skull boss npc also )

there is 4 level of summoned surge , and to get Tier 4 fighters/archers/bearers/workers you will need to spend
20 greater ???
or 500 normal ???
or 1000 lesser ???

to make the summoned surge a "tier 4 " surge
( there is a chance while doing this that you summon a calamity surge ( that you don’t want since it doesn’t contain good npc’s to thrall )

cheers :slight_smile:
Priests do not stun
It’s a maximum emission.
Private PVE server. Mod to level 100.

Got it, many thanks! Ran to grind storms for “???” :smiley:

That is wrong, either because it is not the case, or it is intended but not working, because I do have a Thrall in my “prison” that were skull bosses.

The more you lower its health, the more the trunch will take from its “blunt health” bar.

But I was using the highest truncheon with the upgrade.

Not only some random one skull, but the Menagerie Manager, which is also a skull boss.

The armor I have equiped afterwards.

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