Followers knocking out thralls not a bug just a question

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Ok here is whats happening I bring my Captain thrall to the mounds equipped with steel truncheon with advanced blunt on it seems in 2 to 3 hits most thralls are knocked out.
Now I go to black galleon which are supposed to be easier npcs and it takes 4 to 6 hits to knock them out what gives do the cimmerians have softer heads or something?


Have you tried checking their levels? A lvl 3 fighter is going to be a lot harder to knock out than, say, a level 1 smelter.

Level 4 beserker was almost as easy for my captain thrall to knock out over a lvl 3 anything on black galleon. Took her like 3 hits to knock the beserker out where as lvl 3 smelter was taking more. Just seems strange in a t2 area thralls should be weaker than those in a t3 area.

There is no more a t2 or a t3 area.
Look at Sepermeru, where you found your captain, if it’s this one you talk about.

The Seper catpain is way highter in HP than most nothern thralls. Also armour may matter. Again, check the tier of your catched thralls.
Then, they may also fail in some hits i imagine, or lag simply may play in sometimes.

Yes but ones I am referring to is difference between black galleon lower lvl thralls vs mounds higher lvl ones seems like mounds thralls go down way too fast compared to anywhere else. Least it seems that way to me. I captured a dacias and spinas in volcano and those both have same hps as captain and both were a pain to catch without dying.

It was suggested on the testlive section to take a look again at the mounds.
The mounds should still remain one of the higher areas in the game, after all there are cimmerians, so bit of Conan folks. It goes the same for some star-metal weapons, they way to low at moment at my eyes. They should still remain the hight-tier stuff at my eyes.

Like said, maybe a thing with armour, knock-back or such. Sepermeru has been redone, and is still under work, the ship, well, there has been up and down with the thralls there.
I hope the mounds will also get the needed care in some future. It’s an area i like lot myself. Same for the barrow-king by the way. :wink:

Took a break from testlive was only 1 of 2 people who even have base there and the lag was really bad.

I love testlive, but official servers are a hard nut, i agree. For me to time-consuming, so i stay on my privat tests and contribution.
Still so, there is lot to try and test. :wink:

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