Thralls no longer help knock out npcs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [America]

Arming a thrall with a trudgeon and they cant seem to use it. They just stand there as i get beat on

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

My wife and I just finished up tenderizing npc with our thralls generally stand back and let them work. Try different thralls some are better than others. Good luck.

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FYI @CptCaveDan - both before & AFTER the 1.34 patch, the fighter thrall, Dalinsia Snowhunter (Cimmerian) is well-nigh indestructible goddess of mayhem. The Mounds of the Dead Cimmerians are now way tougher to beat - hit harder (even through my flawless Cimm heavy armor) and have the cripple effect making me too slow to get away for regeneration.
I died twice in the MofD village last night and by the time I got my naked butt back there, Dalinsia had knocked out (or killed - think I left her with great sword) ALL the attackers (4-6) that had killed me. She’s a bit random in choosing which weapon, so I usually take away her sword so she can only select truncheon when I’m looking for thralls.

Pre update picked Dalinsia at the Mounds of dead and star gazers perch. PS can spell can not type.

I have been doing some data mining to create an updated named thrall listing, and someone might test a theory. These are the default mace welders that might help out if you equip lovetap (has the mace combos).

Darfari_Cannibals_Thugra Thugra Darfari_Weapon_Mace
Darfari_Cannibals_Fighter_4_Darfari Cannibal Brute Darfari_Weapon_Mace
Exile_Fighter_4_Wanderer_2 Ulrik the Beast Exile_Weapon_Mace
Exile_Fighter_4_Wanderer_4 Kruth One-Blow Exile_Weapon_Mace
Exile_Fighter_4_Nordheimer Frigga Falsehope Exile_Weapon_Mace
Exile_Fighter_4_Wanderer_6 Enika of Cimmeria Exile_Weapon_Mace
CaptainErmetius Captain Ermetius BlackHand_Pir_Weapon_Mace
CaptainPoscore Captain Poscore BlackHand_Pir_Weapon_Mace
HanartheBold Hanar the Bold Exile_Weapon_Mace

I use the captain from Sepemaru. The dude is a God among thralls at beating bosses and using the truncheon. Even the best trunch with the buff now takes 10-12 hits on a Cimmerian Zerk where before it 6-7. My character will almost always miss the first few attacks. The thrall is dead on. Just kite and let him work it over. Plus I put the Cappy in a flawless heavy buffed Aquilonian armor and he’s super tanky. I can still get in trouble, but he’s usually fine. I do like the changes.

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