Cimmerian npc’s almost impossible to kill

Cimmerian npc’s almost impossible to kill. Doesn’t matter on their rarity. Seems to have happened last month or so

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Yes, I discovered this the hard way. Apparently somehow the defense of non-named Cimmerians (and Accursed on the Isle of Siptah) is something like sixty times what it normally is.

The bug gives T1-3 very high armor. You need a weapon with high armor piercing. Use a mace or a hammer and you’ll be fine. You will struggle with a sword or spear and likely die if you use an axe.

A shame if this applies to the current official servers on Xbox as well. I’m looking to introduce someone to the game this weekend and planning to just let them lead. It’d be a shame if we ran into the mounds of the dead.

Though honestly there’s been more bugs that irk me since my umpteenth return to CE, like some undead and the Grey Ones preferring to engage in fisticuffs over drawing a weapon.

Great for farming but not a good first impression…

Hope they fix these new bugs soon!

Someone who’s completely new to the game shouldn’t be able to run through cimms that easily, I think. Plus, we don’t need to make the npcs easier than they are now.

Try the Mushashis. They slice through cimms like a hot knife through butter.

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It probably isn’t a bug, cos they never admit it or even mention it and let it be for 2 months.
It’s a new game feature that happened to be not included in the patch notes.
Guess we have to deal with it ever since.

Easiest way is to just knock them out

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It’s not their armor that’s making them difficult for me, but their weapons. Good god the staggerlock + star metal weapons = a dead me and a dead thrall. They are brutal

That’s what NPCs feel with you.
Now we have a fair fight :rofl:

This is more the problem, especially with only one thrall. Even well trained doesnt help because once they get a lucky mace swing in that kills you, your thrall is no longer well trained and cant penetrate their armor, while getting ganged and stunlocked to die when you get within range again. It is actually better to distribute truncheons when going into the mounds now to your thralls.

Alright just had a go at some Accursed on Siptah, if they have the same issue then it isn’t -too- bad. That said i fought several pairings of them without any thrall or pet on an 15agility + 15strength build. So, attribute wise pretty player-performance focused with decent armor pen probably. Gear-wise nothing too special, but using Grey Ones shortsword + some light Agility boosting gear.

The regular tier III flunkies seem about as tough as a 1 skull demon spider if it comes to time to kill required with that setup, if not a little tougher.

Can confirm that equipping a Heavy Weighted truncheon with an adv. blunted fitting and 0 points in Authority (but with Skelos Master on) K.O.ed an Ulric the Accursed and a few tier III archers quite easily compared to just fighting them head on.

So, it’s noticeable but thankfully nothing too absurd.

Noticed the Serpentman Brutes in the two Serpentman vaults are similar to Cimmerians now.

Fair fights are for suckers lol

wasn’t this bug reported about 2 months ago?

It was reported and acknowledged as a bug by a Funcom person.

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well in the meantime there was at least one hotfix and this imho is not a bug requiring a NASA scientist , just someone misplaced a decimal point ( I guess )


  1. they forgot about it ( again)
  2. they decided to make it a new feature , after all the Cimmerians are the best warriors in the REH world

I had no problems with the Berserker the other day, killed him with a couple of hits. Maybe i’ll go and see what’s up, i haven’t played the game so much lately.

Nope, still as easy as always. 46/18 basic daggers cut them down like dry grass in the wind.

They are a bit more chunky, especially when hitting you. Last playthrough I only died if I was body blocked and swarmed.

I like them being more of a challenge. The key is patience and strategy. Kite, draw, bleed them out. I could handle easily 2 at a time, 3 was a bit dicey.

Definitely not like going through summoning place and cutting a group down with one swoop.