How to measure a distance of exactly half a block?

I loved the ability to build fence foundations that overlap for half their length, because that allowed me to build things that are exactly half a block away from each other. It was very useful for placing pillars on the edges of foundations, or for placing a centered door on a facade with a width of an even number of blocks.
Now that this has been disabled, are there any alternative methods of obtaining exactly half a block’s distance?

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If you place 1 foundation, then 3 wedge foundations centered on one side of that foundation, then 2 foundations on the ends of those wedges, the difference in the distance from the single foundation to the double would be a half


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That’s true, but how do you then go back to the original edge? If you build a square ceiling back from the triangle in the direction of the square foundations, you’d end up inside them, rather than on their edge.
You see, they don’t align. With the fence foundation trick, you could have something like this:
Or this:

I may have found a solution. Start like you described, but only with two triangles. Then put a pillar on the second triangle and another triangle on the pillar, but facing in the opposite direction. Add 2 more triangles to the top one, and you’ll arrive at the middle of the first square:
The blue square appears misaligned, but that’s because I was lazy. It shoud align with the orange square.



I just want you to know I’m following this thread for exactly what you just posted. Thanks, @timrath!

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Thanks for sharing that! I admit answering your first question wasn’t too hard but following you down the path in 3D was better done ingame. I’m more for functionality over aesthetics, so building for me is not as detailed.

Yeah the fence X was a great mechanic that I’m sure was intended for whatever reason… It’s passing will be missed…

I’m still waiting with baited breath about the previously teased new building pieces. I hope one of them is a centered door piece that fits on 2 foundations.

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Sorry, everyone, but my diagram doesn’t work. I just tried it ingame, and the result wasn’t the middle. It seems closer to 3/5.
You can, however, make this:

A pillar can be placed centered on the top of a stair. If you but a square ceiling on top of the pillar, you can build a wall downwards, which will be then standing on the exact middle of the foundation. It won’t get any stability from it, though. The stability would have to come from elsewhere.

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Keep it coming. I was using your information to help me alter the trajectory of a cliffside, so I can connect to another peak with two elevators.I was having trouble fine-tuning the angle of the face from which to “shoot the umbilical” for the elevator pillar.

As for your earlier solution, 3/5 is pretty good actually, and can make for some interesting interleaved walls. I had also forgotten about the staircase’s utility. Thanks for following up!

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