How to? : Modifying materials and ingredients including quantities for recipes/feats?

I appreciate there’s quite a lot of similarities with the build engine for Conan Exiles and Ark, and to that - is there a way to modify the materials of feats/recipes as you could with ark.

For example the recipe for Dragonpowder is :

2 Icon demon blood.png Demon Blood
10 Icon brimstone.png Brimstone
50 Icon crystal.png Crystal
100 Icon ingredient steelfire.png Steelfire

I’d like to get that down to say 10 Steelfire.

I know ARK has lots of server managers that could arrange these changes via a GUI however with some basic guidance I am OK with doing it via .ini files as I had to do that with ARK sometimes as well.


If it’s a private server or single player, the admin can set a slider to adjust the amount of materials needed from the options panel, only when the game server is first set up. I think it can go as low as 10% of the normal amount.

Once the game is set up, putting thralls in the station will reduce the amount needed, the higher tier thrall the better.

EDITED: ok I messed up the first time around, so it is time to correct myself.

@Justice. As Buri said if you have Admin access you can adjust the values in the Settings. However, I found that in my Offline Singleplayer game on ps4 that I could customise these values at any point during play. Pause the game, then go to Settings > Server Settings > Crafting. From here scroll down to the bottom option in the list ‘Crafting Cost Multiplier’. It can be adjusted from its default value of 1.00 to as high as 10.00 to as low as 0.10. Here is a comparison using the Dragonpowder again as an example:

Standard Values (1.00)
2 Demon Blood
10 Brimstone
50 Crystal
100 Steelfire

Lowest Values (0.10)
1 Demon Blood
1 Brimstone
5 Crystal
10 Steelfire

Alternatively, you could take out the level 5 Encumberance perk ‘Momentum’, then go on a massive resource harvesting spree. Finally if you find T4 thralls (eg-an Alchemist), it will further reduce resource costs by around 50%, in addition to speeding up crafting time by 200% (or 300% for Purge T4s).

Hi gentlemen,

That is kind and a good refresher /reminder of the administrative settings, though note the key differences in my question - I want to be able to change with full control :

  • Quantities of any ingredient(s). It could be one, it could be three and it could be all
  • The type of ingredient. Maybe I don’t want steelfire to be component and rather fish oil instead

I suppose the simple question would be, can Conan server administrators customize recipes/feats like they can in ARK.

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My answer would be no, unless you create some custom mod to override the vanilla recipes.

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Yeah I think @Narelle is on the money here Justice. I cant think of any way to change the core recipe components in and out without a mod.

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