How To "NOT" Bug A Chest

Game mode: PS4
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA, EU,]

*As the title say’s, i found a fullproof way of not bugging chest, large chest

Good Day Funcom, Ladies and Gentlements…Let’s be frank, i’m not talking about pre-looted chest, but on many sever i play i see constant chest bug (And Yes i have camp them). Maybe ppl bug them on purpose on pvp so no one can get loot. but for pve player it’s suck’s. Here what i found.

If you close the chest with the “O” button, it probebly will bug
If you use the “Square” button it might close or not witch player often then use “O” then bug the chest
In order to close the chest “Properly” You need to use square but have your cursor on your inventory selecting a weapon, tool, or any non-consumable, then press square, but if selecting the weponsetc…dosoen’t work then, you have to move back cursor to the chest until your cursor dissapear and then press square.

Also if you want to be a good sport…Always loot everything in the chest, then trow away the crap, so the chest will refill for other player and of course for you

Steps on how to reproduce issue: chest
2.use triagle to loot everything
3.move cursor on own inventory to a tool, weapon or a non-consumable SQUARE
5.if chest don’t close move back to chest side then press SQUARE
6. chest not bug, loot will refresh and Everyone Happy
7.Moral of the story NEVER CLOSE A CHEST WITH “O”

Thank you and hope this will help some player on their server.
Like always Much love and KeepOnGaming


Forgot to mention, works for legendary chest too :slight_smile:


Hello @Lordgangsta29, thank you for such a detailed submission!

We were aware of this occurrence on PC but were unable to replicate the behavior on console, so we’ll be forwarding this information to the developers, much appreciated!

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I have felt this bug has applied more to particular chests more than hitting O. I always hit O. But let’s say for example the chests in the camp south east of asgarath where the tower and bearer spawns are. The two higher quality chests there will bug where as the lower quality refreshes fine. I will continue to test on my end using your method to see if it fixes. Just something I’ve noticed.

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