Will you ever adress this issue?

forgive my lazyness, but i think it’s easier for everyone to get a look here:

One year later, this problem IS STILL A THING on officials.


close the chest after you loot them. if you hit escape that’s what causes this issue.

Hey @roro4066

We have this issue in our Trello board for prioritization:

If you take everything out of the chest, then you can not close it properly but must(!) use ESC. At least that is my experience on PC.

You can press ‘E’ again on the opened chest to just flip it shut.

Unfortunately, only the opener can do that.

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Actually, no, I can not close a chest with the E-key if that chest is empty. It does not work with the inventories of dead NPCs either.

I must use ESC, or I must leave something in the chest/inventory to be able to use ‘E’.

Click E on the chest after closing the inventory with esc, it will flip the cap from open to shut.

You need to press E twice to access inventory again.

Starwalker, what you say is true, but only applies to the dead body loot window. An empty loot window from a dead NPC cannot be closed with the “E” key.

The opposite is true for the loot containers bound in camps and in the wild. If you exit it with “esc”, it will bug the box and never refill until server reset. It must be closed with the “E” key to prevent that.

The above comes from both private online and coop modes.



Yeah thanks ignasis i saw this “trello board” after i made the thread.
Apparently we need an account to vote which is a pity…

When the game was in EA i was told to stop posting on steam and to come here in order to report things.

I created an account on this forum then. Now if we want to give our voice for our most concerned issues we have to create an other account on the “trello blabla” thing… NO thanks



Sorry, @Ignasis, I must agree with Roro on this one, in two aspects. First, I have not seen any impact that Trello made on the prioritization of bug fixes. I heartily agree that issues keeping people from playing and exploits take priority, but to require a login on yet another system?

We take a small percentage of the players and listen to them here, then reduce that by those that are willing to login to Trello, and the things that bubble to the top are certainly not representative of your customer base.

On the subject of looting, the new guy is told you can’t use the escape key on this type of interface, but you must use the escape key on that type of interface. They already have so much to learn (which is fun) that this gets lost in the noise resulting in empty, bugged loot boxes and/or frustrated clients.

My 2 pence worth.

Regards, and thanks for game


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It’s an extra tool to help us quantify how much an issue is impacting players other than reports we collect. It’s a complimentary tool, and it is certainly not mandatory to use it. Those who do, however, do help us get a better idea on how much a fix is sought after by the community. Otherwise, when it comes to prioritization, our team might follow other requisites that might or might not align with those of our community.
While we understand it can be frustrating to not see immediate turnaround of reports and feedback please do keep in mind we don’t just send our players in a loop of reporting issues in different platforms just for the sake of it as we’re all trying to make Conan Exiles the best it can be.
Since this thread is derailing a bit from its initial purpose, we’ll proceed to close it. For general discussions about the game please feel free to use the general discussions forum.