Chests don't refill when other players interract with them

It seems that once a given player has cleared a chest ( i mean chests you simply find in the environnement or in NPCS camps), only this given player can get loot from this chest again untill server restart.
i remember someone posting the exact same issue a few months ago here on the forum, so i Don’t think the issue is coming from my side.

PVE official SERVER

You are correct, this still happens. It’s been a long standing issue and is caused when a player opens the chest but then doesn’t close it again using E. Once its bugged put only a server reboot fixes it.



Thanks for confirming my assumptions, was wondering if it had sthing to do with how they are interracting with it.
Makes sense now.

Guess i’ll have to post a message about that on the conan chat box…

It’s happening on the xbox one servers too.

I’m sure it does. I don’t know which button you use on Xbox to open a chest, but be sure to use the same button to exit the chest to avoid this bug.

This needs to be pinned. :joy:

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It’s been an issue for over a year now.
I believe that the server thinks you’re still looking inside the chest even after you have gone because the lid is still open which in turn prevents it from respawn ing its contents.

I’ve not tried this, but I would think that if you open a bugged chest, then close the lid correctly, this might allow for it to respawn contents at the next round.

I’m sorry but I thought everyone knew that World chests need to be opened and closed with the E key… I mean, this has been like that like… forever? I doubt it’s a bug, I would consider it more a mechanic (which doesn’t make much sens either).


Sadly most players don’t use the forums

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but as he well pointed out:

all you need to do is make sure the chest is closed when you are done, if its empty destroy it and a new one will show up in a little while

Omg. I feel terrible. I had no idea.

Trying to see the status of this. I know we were aware but it might have been down-prioritized. If it’s a relatively easy and fast fix we might be able to make a case to bump it :slight_smile:

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Thank you Tascha, if it’s really that easy, go ahead. Otherwise, I would much prefer the Team to focus on more important bugs. Like this is such a minor issue… seriously, I thought everyone know the closing chests thing, but you’re right a small part of players look at the forums. On the other hand, the new generations look up everything in Google… so they have it easy! Unlike our days…

Even then I’ve been reading the forums for a long time now and there has been guessing and all that.
But bugged chests related to closing with esc instead of e? Never came up for me. I got that randomly when I accidently wasnt too lazy to hit esc once.

I think most people have been telling on server to destroy chests after looting them to have them respawn nonbugged again which doesnt work. So nope, not nearly every player knows about it. I would say ~50% know about it.

Even less know about it i would say.

hi @Tascha, maybe it could be configured to work like a doorway, where the door already auto-closes after about 1 minute? (that way players can still have a bit of time to choose what to get, especially if they are overencumbered or something)

:+1: Agreed fix the dang chests

I’m also tired of not being able to open those hidden ghost chests. You know the ones where you crawl very slow across a distance behind this ghost and when they finally do show you a chest, you are not able to loot it and away it goes. Talk about clickbait. Ha ha good one Funcom!

I have been able to close them and they reopen them to get them to re-pop.

Now the Legendary boxes are not intractable after you loot them until server resest as well…

There are some of those legendary that don’t work at all. The phantom swimmer one at the main river who drowns and leads you to a chest, cannot even be opened. Or the phantom bear in Velstad one, same thing, takes you to a chest which cannot be opened. Has anyone been able to do so?