How to summon corpse?

Summon corpse ritual

Summons the last corpse you left in the world to appear in the summoning circle, when I try to do this ritual it says I have no corpse to recall?

Do you have a corpse and do you have drop on dead enabled?

How do I get a corpse? I killed someone on the ritual stone and above the summoning circle also drop on dead?

edit my bad it has to be literally my corpse, I thought I could raise the dead at my current level lol

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I’m curious. If you die multiple times, thus leaving multiple corpses, can you cast the spell, clean up your corpse, then cast it again to collect the body from the death previous to the last one? So if you repeatedly cast it can you collect all your corpses?

Has anyone tried that yet?

I’m going to assume its just your last corpse position

Ok guys, I had a moment to go into the testlive and try it out. By the way I’ve got the drop items on death setting turned off because I don’t care for corpse runs.

The answer is yes, you can repeat the spell to summon all your corpses. However, the spell will give you the LOC Tainted debuff, which gives you a ton of corruption over what you can normally get. I ended up with something around three quarters to four fifths of my bar turned purple until that debuff wore off.

One interesting thing of note. I created three corpses for my test and “numbered” them by giving each one different armor, so that I knew which got summoned. So corpse one had the sorcerer armor. Corpse two had no chest armor. Corpse three had hyrkanian raider chest armor. Corpse three was very nearby, followed by corpse one which was a little further, and then corpse two was the furthest away from my summoning stone.

The spells summoned them in this order. 2, 1, 3.

So it looks like the spell summons the furthest away rather than the last one to come into existence.


Thanks for testing that. The primary function is getting your loot back so furthest to closest somehow makes sense because you may go and grab your closest easier than the furthest. On the other hand, it will probably be more logical to get your last corpse first.

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