Necromancer Minions

I am having trouble trying to get my minions to spawn when I need them. I am already at lev 20 now and still not sure how this is done. I see many different chars running around with many minions that are level 10 or so.

So far I could not find anything that has minions I can choose from OR the points that are available for each of the them.

Any help appreciated as its really getting frustrating. Maybe I am missing something very easy here.

If you open the spells list (press B) there should be spells for summons in the “friendly” tab (on the right side of the screen, at the very top you can select friendly, hostile and AA). There are all kinds of buffs and summons that you benefit from, the other tab is for “hostile” spells, like pestilential blast and so on.

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WOW! Thank you so much! I searched through all those tabs at the top over and over and never saw the one that is ‘friendly’. You made my day! I have been playing without these minions wondering how other chars were using them since I started. I sure could of used these guys at times. Maybe I am getting a bit old. Have not been 65 that long. smile Again, THANKS!


I’m glad I could help :smiley:

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