How to survive going north to get iron?

From the big starting oasis, I tried going north up the river, but keep running into groups of crocodiles backed up by spiders. Now I can easily take on a croc, but not 3 of them at once.

If I try and avoid the river going overland through the rocky area, I come across HUGE packs of hyenas, like as many as a dozen at once! And they seem to be endless, I tried running past the pack and there were more after them, and then more after that. No matter how far I tried to run there were always hyenas everywhere -.-

How the hell are you suppose to survive the trip to the area with iron deposits with this insanity blocking the way?

you can alway make like a maze like structure in some spot… know this Most creature are larger then you so if you create a maze like structure you can twist and turn your way to freedom provided that you didnt get monster stuck lol

That doesnt really seem feasible in the middle of combat or running away >.>

Besides i dont have nearly the resources to be making anything other than a small hut

Just explore to the west side, where there are no spiders, much easier to find iron.

There is a small pond with a croc boss near the beginning newb river. There’s also tons of crocs there. The thing is though you can just run along the edge and avoid them all, or climb up a small cliff. Anyways, if you find that pond, just a little ways north is a path to an open desert region. Once you get past all the crocs, it’s smooth sailing.

Once you enter the open desert region through a small obvious path through the large cliff faces, just to your right and all around all the way up to Darfari City (can’t think of the name) is iron and coal. The only badies to deal with are rocknosses, dafari (in singles or two at most), and ostrich birds.

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Just run. You can outrun pretty much everything in this game but maybe sabertooths.

Make a few bedrolls, place them as you go, oh, and KEEP RUNNING lol
Or as others have said, level up a bit more before setting off. There are plenty of tasks to do to get you up in levels without needing iron.
There are also other routes you can take which wouldn’t be as hard going.

One day VERY SOON, you’ll look back at this question and ask yourself why you even asked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You may be going north at the wrong place. There are interactive maps that may show you a better place.

You should be able to kill 2 to 3 crocs and spiders! at a time with a pike (the most important starter weapon, in my opinion), heavy strike - heavy strike - dodge roll. You can kite them until they are dead. You should be able to avoid hyena if you pick the right place to go north.

Almost all starter zone critters can be killed with a pike even when you are very low level.

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Stay away the noob river until lvl 10 or so doing journey steps, shouldn’t take long. Then go build a starter base near the tower of bats. Lots of resources there. Should be able to hit 30 in no time.

There is iron in the lowlands, on the north side of the river, almost to where the jungle meets the lowlands.
When you can process iron, you are big enough to go to the plateau and get it.

From the island under the sentinels, climb up far to the right of the croc lake, straight up to the top of the plateau.
From there, there is two places to go. To the right are 4 nodes, several rock beasts, and some very angry exiles. If you do it slow you will only get one at a time.

If you go left at the top in a 45 degree angle, you will pass a exile village on the left and king scorp on the right. When you come to the cliff side, climb like mountain goat. Just dont fall off, it hurts baaaad.
When you get as far up as you can you will see nodes. This is the beginning of iron ridge.
Build a shack at the base of the cliff, and a few furnaces, you will need them.
Follow the ridge, you will have to deal with 4 rock beasts, two at the end your on, and singles along the way. By the time you finish that part, you will be full.
That is about 1/3 of the ridge. Party on Garth!

You can practically naked run up to G8, G7. There is iron in abundance and 0 critters. I did that at level 15.

If your at the starting river the easy way to get metal is to make a pike and have 2 waterskins on you. Follow the river to the west where you will run into a dafari camp. Use the left hand side to climb around the camp without aggroing the npcs there. You will most likely still agro the one patrolling around at the other side but can easily outrun them. Keep going westwards along the ghost wall and you will incounter some scorps. There easy to fight with the pikes heavy attacks. Keep going west and will find mostly undefended iron deposit. As you will not have a mask yet this would be better as if a sandstorm starts while your there you can run into seperu the neutral city for cover

Make stone pike, learn to do the right hand attacks and roll back, kill all the crocs you want. Better skills help, better pikes help too, but even with no skills and base pikes you can kite the crocs without them ever biting you. Watch the stamina, and if needed turn around and move away from them for a bit (walking forward is faster then walking backward).

Crocs and the non spitting spiders are slow and can easily even be walked past making this a very easy way to get to the iron. If your in for a bit of a walk the path to sepermeru is also a good way to go as there are massive iron spawns there and things won’t bother you if you don’t attack there. Just sprint through the dafari camp at the far left end of noob river and go up the hill and follow the death wall. It should also be noted that there are silver nodes that way too! Be sure to bring a water skin.

I hope this helps you out bro let me know if you need anymore help.

I carry two weapons, a spear which takes down packs of critters even giants (hittim in the junk)
and a Katana, for slicing and dicing when we get mobbed.

Does the map indicate the number of iron deposits? If so, is the number comparable to other kinds of deposits?

While it might spoil the search, you could use the “map” command to reveal the map and then see if there were any iron deposits.

If the map is showing deposits, you would know where to check to see if they’re really there. You can also use the “godmode” command to look around below the surface. This can be handy for some deposits that have little “nodes” of resources. Probably not iron, but maybe promethium.

I actually know a very good interactive Conan exiles map. If you want i can link it here for you.

There is tons of iron ore in the rocky cliffs above the skittering caverns.and flesheater falls. That’s just south of the Tower of bats. I recommend a new player stop by sinners refuge to get some brimstone. Just a little bit to be able to make your first sandmask.

I just skimmed this, so may have missed if someone else said anything about it, but when doing a sprint past enemies, there are a few that won’t give up the chase, unless you kill them, swim, climb up or jump off a cliff. Hyenas are one of those. They aren’t strong, but they are bad in a pack. I think some spiders may keep chasing for quite a long distance. Wolves are another, but you won’t see them for a while most likely.

As HJ mentioned, Katana and spear/pike are great PvE weapons. Katana lets you attack right through the enemy, so they can’t ever pin you down. Pike (spear) lets you stunlock most normal critters, keeping them harmless and at a distance, for easy finishing. That Pike feature mostly just works on singles or multiple if they are all directly in front of you.

When you are stronger and can take a few hard hits from enemies, then a good 1h axe cleans up nicely - singles or large groups.

So, if you decide to hunt your way through to the iron, you have some good options. Not sure what levels the weapons become available though.

Personally, I started my first game in single player. Slowly got a feel for it in the starting big river/oasis area. Took me ages to finally discover iron on an exploration expedition. Then I got a friend to buy CE so we could game together. Fired up our own dedicated server and this time, just went for pure exploration, to find a great place to make our first camp. Just the exploration and few little battle along the way were enough to level us up to where we could easily handle a pack of crocks or hyenas solo.

So I’d suggest what someone else suggested… make a bunch of bed rolls and explore. Keep setting them as you go. You will find places that look awesome for resources and making a base camp. In fact, you will find so many good spots, it will be hard to choose which.

Have fun!

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