Early Game - Where do you start out?

So I picked a Nordheimer female and started a while back. I’m mainly curious about those playing single player, rather than on a server.

Almost directly north of this is a little U-shaped cove with shaleback nests nearby, and an exile bonfire around to the left, though a crocodile is usually spawning there to run in and slaughter them. This is east of The Sentinels, and along the river to the north of Hanuman’s Grotto.

I’ve pretty much setup shop there in my game. I’ve got a T1 Animal Pen, assorted crafting stations, a Lesser Wheel of Pain, and a few fish traps.

I know it’s not the best place for a base once you get up in the game, but for the early game it seemed to work really well. The cove is somewhat sheltered, easy access to water and meat for survival, and stone/wood for building.

Later on I threw in the Fish Traps when available, to get fish for oil and food, which gives me more than I could ever want.

I’m currently around level 30 and I haven’t really gone north/west at all.

I did make a secondary camp for a low-level Foundry. Out to the east, I was using Lookout Point to farm Ironstone, and trekking back to my camp to smelt it into bars. I did this for a couple runs, before ultimately just making a camp at the cliff base just west of Tarman’s Berth.

Throw in a Blacksmith Bench, Furnace, and Fluid Press, with some fish traps in the water to the south, and I now have plenty of oil to run the furnace. My Iron Pick is giving me a ton of ironstone at Lookout Point to be nearly constantly smelting it into bars, and there is some brimstone areas nearby to push out some steel bars before long.

This is just a rough camp at best, with a small sandstone building, campfire, and the crafting stations. I’m expanding my southern base to a bit larger, and stonebrick.

Anyone have any tips about where to branch out from here?

On looking at the Interactive Map online, I want to think in the general area of Dustdevil Ridge might be the next logical stepping point. It has about as much iron as second camp I made, but there is also brimstone in Sinner’s Refuge and coal nodes as well.

Which seems like a better spot than Fleshtearer Falls, which has TONS of ironstone, but not the other two.


I usually settle in the desert flats around the Summoning Place (Darfari capital, the red eye symbol on your map). Anything except for ice is within 2 minutes walking.

And this general area holds 3 spawning locations for the Darfari T4 armour smith. That’s +9 Strength and 30% damage reduction for running around in your bare butt :smiley:


I usually start a small base on the north end of lake with boss croc close to noob river.
Yes I know the boss croc will lurk around my hut, but he is slow and easily dragged away so I get some peace for a while :grin:
The biggest advantage using this as a starting place is that there are tons of rocks, fiber, wood and Antelopes, basically everything you need for a good start, and when you need coal, iron and brimstone it is only a short run away and is mostly an area with only little predators.

Once I hit level 20 something I head straight north and usually settle around The Breach in highlands, from there on I level really fast and I go from iron to steel so fast.

The weather is better and the area generally looks nicer around desert and noob river, but the challenge there disappears so quickly, I just can’t see myself settle there for a long time :slightly_smiling_face:


That is good to know. I was just going over the bonus list for Thralls and crafting. To see who I should target for the most bonuses.

So far, this is how it works out, I think. Mostly the Armorers and Blacksmiths.
[E] is exceptional and [F] for Flawless.

Relic Hunters: Aquilonian Armorer for the [E] Aquilonian and Relic Hunter sets.

Heirs of the North: Nordheimer for the [E] Vanir Fur/Heavy/Settler sets.

Black Hand for the Black Hand Trousers and Vests, with these two:
-Kambujan for the [E] Kambujan Shaman set
-Hyrkanian for the [E] Hyrkanian Raider set

And lastly, T3 armorers of these races: Darfari, Shemite, Stygian, Zamorian, one of them being from the Dogs of the Desert to get the added [E] Hyena-fur set. They come in Black Hand and Dogs of the Desert, but have the same bonuses, so either work.

T4’s is somewhat similar.

Relic Hunter for the [F] Relic Hunter set +
Hanar of Bossonia for the [F] Aquilonian set.
Arcen Brokenfingers for [F] Shemite set.
Zoara of the Marshes for [F] Stygian Raider and Soldier sets, and also the [R] Derketo Dancer and Stygian set.

Heirs of the North: Njoror Battleborn, for the [F] Vanir sets

Black Hand
Shendelzare for the [F] Kambujan Shaman
Joka Ironfist for the [F] Hyrkanian Raider
Irniz of the Furnace for the [F] Zamorian Thief set

And lastly, B’Naru Heavyhands of the Darfari Cannibals, for the [F] Darfari Skin and Watcher Mask.

Blacksmiths is less, thankfully. For T3s, Black Hands (Cimmerian, Stygian, and Zamorian), and a Nordheimer Heir of the North, with a Shemite of the Votaries to round it out.

T4 is Maev the Magnificent of the Black Hand, Beri of Heirs of the North, Aisss of Lemuria, and Vulfeles the Hammer of the Forgotten Tribe. Plus a T3 Black Hand Stygian because they were listed as having [F] Stygian Spears, which may be a typo.

If nothing else, I’d have an ample little village of craftsman thralls to cover things.

Yeah, those sandstorms are a pain in the ■■■.

I’m ultimately going to dismantle the base near Tarman’s Berth and move it elsewhere.

However, my first base will probably remain, albeit with minimal thralls. The Hanuman Grotto is relatively close, so I might as well keep the base for when I need a lot of crystal.

I’d ultimately like one master base somewhere with nice scenery and most of my thralls and guards, and probably two or three minor bases spread around the world. With basic crafting stations and stuff, to act as waystations during travel.

I like how you write. Good stuff, good stuff!

Regardless of your sensible nature and humility, you must find two things with immediacy: quality help, and piles of iron. There’s a slope on the Highlands that leads east-west to Stormwatch. If you build on the plain above, you have more than enough iron to choke any steel foundry, plus easy access to Asagarth and The Den for a powerful workforce. A tower there, or possibly an outpost, will give you the resources to help you pull
steel from every pocket of your pantaloons.

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I’ve been going over the Interactive Map and taking some notes.

Decided to break the bases into three types.

A small camp, basically campfire, maybe a 2x2 building with exterior crafting/cooking. With only the absolutely essential stations for the camps purpose.

So I have a foundry camp (temporary) around Dustdevil Ridge and Heartsblood Rise, because of all the ironstone and coal and brimstone in the Sinner’s Refuge. But that is just until I get stronger for moving west.

A silver camp setup near The Jawbone, with a furnace, blacksmith bench, and grinder, for getting silver dust and silver coins.

My southern camp just for the crystals in Hanuman’s Grotto, with a grinder for salt and furnace for glass.

Next up are the stations, with mid-sized houses, and a few more stations available. T4 thralls for the main purpose of the station. So foundry station can have smelter and blacksmith T4s.

The foundry station I picked was near Shattered Springs. I’m not sure if this is a very difficult area? There is a ton of brimstone, ironstone, and coal here. And it’ll be a natural stopping point for visiting the Relic Hunters, and going to my Silver Camp.

The island station, just for a far-eastern one. I’m thinking out near the Bay of Hulks. Mostly wood out here, I’m guessing, and I’d like a tropical area. Not sure yet what I’d need, probably a carpenter and some drying racks for dry wood and shaped wood processing.

An ice station near Icekeeper Hollow, for the Black Ice nearby. Which leaves open the possibility of a small camp somewhere near The Hidden Way, to dip into the volcano for Obsidian.

That largely just leaves a master base for T4 crafting. I’m looking possibly somewhere southeast of New Asagarth, at least from a birds eye on the interactive map.

The stations are all relatively close to an obelisk, so I can stick a map room in those for fast hopping around the map, at least once I unlock the feat for it and the associated obelisks.

In turn, the camps are within somewhat easy reach of the stations. So it should be relatively easy to get anywhere I want to go with little trouble, at least once I get the associated levels under my belt.

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Normally the fist thing I do is get all the discoveries along the southern river, including the Yog religion and all the emotes. Then I build a T1 shack around Dustdevil Ridge. From there I get all my iron armor, weapons and tools. Then I get a level 2 alchemist thrall from The Summoning Place and Thugra (from Thugra’s stand) for a body guard. Then I farm iron for a while and get more discoveries. Always keep and eye out for for Arch Priests at Sinners Refuge and The Summoning Place. Once I have all Iron I explore the rest of the lower map and the Swamp area and build some shacks with wheels at the good thrall spots. Once I have steel I explore the rest of the map and build my main fortress.

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Somewhere north west of New Asgarth, south of Bridge of Betrayer. Stone and iron for days at Gods Claw, tons of trees just to the west for wood and resin, and water nearby for fish related business. And New Asgarth is the best thralling location on the map, plus the NPCs drop steel.


New Asgarth, thralls , steel, iron, stone, wood, great xp

Finally made the journey west. I went south around the Unnamed City and stopped off near the Jawbone to identify a mini-camp for silver production. Then explored Sepermaru a bit.

I think I found a perfect spot for my foundry camp. There’s a plateau slightly north of Lakewatch. Beautiful vista looking out over the forest to the north.

And I’ve got coal to the east, brimstone and iron to the south, along with some rhinos for hide, and at the base of the plateau plenty of trees for wood, and water for fish traps to provide me with oil for fuel.

Seems like an absolutely perfect spot to have a base in an offline game.


Sandstorms are easy… there’s the mask, or if you haven’t got that yet, a foundation, 4 walls and a roof can be set up in no time… dismantle after use to reclaim some resources…
A few times, I’ve set one up with 3 walls, with the open side facing a cliff wall, I leave it there so others could gain shelter if they needed it…

One thing I’d love to see in pve is an option to set buildings as common use…

You also can use tents during the sand storm. The small tent only takes fiber and twigs.
Tents can be picked up after the storm is gone.


My base on the plateau is coming along nicely. I’ve got the sandstorm mask, which I’ll need for Brimstone lake.

Also going to have to get some cold resist armor. As when it’s foggy down near the base on the Riversend side, it seems to get fairly chilly.

Just need to get my mass steel mill operation going once I get all setup.

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coal was so 2017, oil was so 2018, dried wood is where its at in 2019


Im trapped in the past (coal). Although it doesnt burn for quite as long as oil or dry wood, I find its just much easier. It can go straight into the crafting station as is, without it having to ‘process’ like the other two do in the fluid press or dryer respectively. Moreover, Im not having to constantly burn through bark in the process. I find that a full load from a coal run will keep all of my stations going for ages. For me personally, its all about saving time and reducing the grind.

A man’s biggest fear :slight_smile:


Dried wood is actually easier to get now. Just a pick, and hit the dry trees by black galleon. You get get a bark run and a dry wood/fuel run done in no time. The dryer route for it is only useful if you are processing for the resin. Then you get some surplus you can use as well.

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Either burn it or throw it away. You just can’t get enough resin if you build with insulated wood, so you have to dry wood. I don’t like the stockpiles of extra wood I’m getting. I always feel bad just discarding stuff.

Well, I’m offline, with increased drops, about 3x normal.

While I can get that bark is easy to get for making dried wood, dropping 3-4 fish traps right at the base of the plateau at Riversend should give me all the fish I could need.

I’m trying to cover my bases on what the foundry could need.

So the fish traps can be checked every now and then, isn’t difficult to rack up 50 or so each of the Savory and Unappetizing, that can all go into the fluid press for Oil, while the Exotic are grilled for my thralls to eat.

Harvesting wood for my carpenter to turn into Shaped, and later Insulated, will make a lot of bark that can fuel a Dryer for Dry Wood, more importantly for the Tannery to make my leather and tar.

Which goes in the Firebowl for Steelfire, to go with my furnaces in making Steel and later Hardened Steel, fueled by all the Brimstone in Brimstone Lake.

I believe I have everything covered. I just need to get a pair of armorers for the station. One for making quality heat-resist gear for southern excursions, another for cold-resist stuff for when I drop down into the valley below to go play fisherman/lumberjack/bear-hunter.

This base should logically function as a fairly strong one for the resources listed, given it’s proximity to everything. Which should help when I set out to the north to make a fort out in the snow.